This And That Podcast

Sunday, May 29, 2005

05/28/05 This And That Podcast

05/28/05 Podcast (Show Number 15)

43 minutes | 29.8 MB

Even more help in the studio. Introducing Jimmy Sutherland and the This And That Orchestra! Some fun with Ferg from Air Ferg with a silly new song, weddings in the air, and a touch of politics...

Show Notes:

Happy Graduation, Elizabeth
Summers On Campus
Handling The Podcast Puppy
Jimmy Sutherland And The This And That Orchestra
Memorial Day And Celebrating Pat's Dad
Hey Ferg, Watch Your Back
     * Air Ferg
     * "Hey Ferg" Hi-Fi Version (1:53)
Ladies In Lavender
Wedding Quiz And An Unusual Email
Intern Josh Helps With Candy Research
     * Candy Freak
     * Name That Candy Bar
Dallas Minute
     * Nasher Sculpture Garden
     * Canine Commissary
(Stay Put - Some Goodies At The End Of The Show!)

Sunday, May 22, 2005

05/21/05 This And That Podcast

05/21/05 Podcast (Show Number 14)

45 minutes | 30.6 MB

Help in the studio! Gifts! New Website! What more could we want?

Show Notes:

Hot Hot Hot
New Big Budget And Guests
Lost Messages
Dallas Podcasters Meetup
     * Podcast Pickle
Getting Worked Up
We're Not In Kansas Anymore
     * Changing The Definition of Science
Class Shifting In America
     * Freakonomics
Customer Service Stories
     * The Good Sweetwater
     * The Bad Dallas City Hall
Candy, Walgreens, and 7-11
     * AK Podcast
     * Send In Your 7-11 Updates - 206 202 TALK
Big Box Of Goodies
     * Borderline
Dallas Minute
     * White Rock Lake Dog Park
     * The Lounge At The Inwood

Our podcast puppy, Shotgun, in the house
(he didn't like the headphones - but he's still being trained)

Sunday, May 15, 2005

05/14/05 This And That Podcast

05/14/05 Podcast (Show Number 13)

42 minutes | 24.1 MB

The jazz show! Is this jazz or isn't it? We talk jazz, destiny, candy, and as usual a lot of tangents along the way (can anyone say lunchtime sex?). Phone in your international 7-11 updates!

Show Notes:

Weekend Activities
     * The Wild Parrots of Telegraph Hill
     * Hola!
Denton Arts and Jazz Festival - Where's the Jazz??!!
It Happens For A Reason?
     * At 7-11
     * All Signs Point To Candy
     * Joseph Vincelli
Candy Analysis With Pat
     * Writers & Artists Snacking At Work
Podcast (Alley) Star
     * This Week In Tech
Pat Loves Words, Pat Loves Teachers
     * The Word Nerds
Call Us And Leave Your International 7-11 Updates!
     * (206) 202-TALK
May Is The Month Of ...
Sex At Lunch
Dallas Minute
     * Fun Facts About Dallas

Saturday, May 07, 2005

05/07/05 This And That Podcast

05/07/05 Podcast (Show Number 12)

41 minutes | 18.7 MB

A lot of crazy stuff in the news this week (hey, we can't make this stuff up!), a bit of politics, updates from Pat on 7-11 and dating, Podshow and other interesting stuff.

Show Notes:

The Comedy Stylings of Laura Bush
7-11 Update
     * Kentucky Mint Julep Coffee
     * Angus Steak Burger Hotdog
Runaway Bride
Did We Go Away? What About Now?
The Court Martial of Lindy England
Politics - British Sytle and American Trends
Papal Vacations
(More) 'It's Just Lunch' Stories
The 7-11 Dating Service
Michael Celedon
Who Needs to be Signed? (or Tenured)
A Bit On Illinoise
"Saab" Stories and Comfortable Toilets
Dallas Minute
     * Prince Of Hamburgers
     * Pogos

Show Links:

Michael Celedon
Accidental Hash