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Sunday, September 23, 2007

Show 58 This And That Podcast

Show 58 This And That Podcast

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The kids are back after a long break talking about autumn, state fairs, toys, romance, science and evolution! What fun!

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Show Notes:

Busy Fall
Comments On The Show
More iPhone
State Fair Food Winners
Fattest States In The Nation
Buoyancy Is Good!
America Doesn't Read Books
Hot Japanese Offices
The Sweat-Loving Gene
Science: Men Choose Women Based On Looks! Wow!
"Above The Line" Thinking
Jeff's Observations:
Naked Guy At Gym
Elevator Buttons
Carter Albrecht RIP
Toy / China Update
Evolutionary Reasons For Older Men Younger Women Couplings
Biggest News Stories Of The Past 25 Years
Gretchen's Quiz: Civics