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Sunday, April 20, 2008

Show 65 This And That Podcast

Show 65 This And That Podcast

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This really is the "Disturbing Show" this time around. Seems like it's mostly bad news out there lately. Not to worry - though - the kids turn it around towards the last half with optimism and good cheer. Topics include public school woes, YouTube celebrity, rising taxes, safety vs. profits as seen in two industries, earthquakes, worst songs ever... But some great news about Dallas and vinyl album sales!

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Show Notes:

Celebrating Spring
Gretchen's Getting Lasik
A Special Caller
Papal Visit
Our Public School Crisis
Fifteen Minute Of Shame
Vacation In A Bottle
Floating Trash Of The Pacific
Why Our Taxes WILL Go Up
Are You Better Off Today Vs. 5 Years Ago?
Safety Vs. Profits: Airlines
Safety Vs. Profits: Red Lights
Oliver Stone's New Movie
The Bush's New Digs
Earthquakes In California
Major Dallas Changes
Worst 50 Songs Ever
The Truthiness About The Colbert Bump
Vinyl's Comeback
Texas Polygamists
HBO's John Adams