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Sunday, February 04, 2007

Show 49 This And That Podcast

Show 49 This And That Podcast

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The kids are back with a show full of goodness! We respond to an listener email and talk about many issues ranging from sexual dysfunction to the latest headlines.

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Show Notes:

The Ethics Of Understanding Your Customers Better
Responding To Mr. Anonymous
Sexual Dysfunction Married Vs. Single
China Is Running Out Of Girls
SMU Vs. George W. Bush
Gavin Newsome Goes Down?
Grim Statistics I: Global Warming Again
Grim Statistics II: Personal Savings At 74 Year Low
Grim Statistics III: United States #1 In Prison Population
Terror Free Oil Initiative
Do Better Looking People Get Paid More?
Nerd Alert!
     *Apple iPhone
     *Windows Vista
AOL Best Restaurants Of Dallas
Voice Mail: Mo From Brazil