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Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Show 32 This And That Podcast

Show 32 This And That Podcast
(week of October 17, 2005)

32 minutes | 44.6 MB

This And That with Jeff and Pat is This And That with Jeff and Carol this week. Yes - Carol is guest-host for Pat and does a smashing job. We talk about October (and being German), running for breast cancer, Jeff's car problems, hybrid cars, marriage fraud, and the Bush library location among other things. We also have an audio column from Dave Loebig of Random Digressions as well as the Dallas Minute!

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Show Notes:

Rolling The 'R's
OctoberFest And New Beginnings
Runing For Breast Cancer
October Is The Month Of...
Adopting A Foreign Child
Jeff's Car Problems
Jeff's New Car - What Will It Be?
Hybrid Economics
Dave Loebig: Spam Rant
     * Random Digressions
Marriage Fraud And When Do You Reveal Skeletons?
The Bush Library
Dallas Minute
     * Crescent Ciy
     * "Crowns" - Dallas Theater Center
     * Metro Diner

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