This And That Podcast

Monday, May 08, 2006

Show 36 This And That Podcast

Show 36 This And That Podcast

60 minutes | 54.9 MB

A lot of politics are talked about in this show. Carol and Jeff often have differing views but still have a good time discussing the issues of the day. Also included are some tasty Dallas minutes, some useful health news and a lot of other fun.

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Show Notes:

Jeff's Secret
Jeff's Announcement
     * Today In Podcasting
     * Podcheck Review
Carol vs. The Gas Pump
United 93
Zacarias Moussaoui's Fate
Illegal Immigration
Political Corruption
Health News
     * Perceptions Of Being Overweight
     * Vitamin D
     * Sex In 2016 (Can't Wait!)
Web Site Of The Week: Second Life
Dallas Minute
     * New Five Star Hotels
     * Best Hamburgers In Dallas
     * Stealing Thongs
     * What To Do With Texas Stadium
     * Best Hamburgers In Dallas
More Political Arguing