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Sunday, July 12, 2009

Show 77 This And That Podcast

Show 77 This And That Podcast

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It's been awhile and a LOT has happened since we last did a show. This show was recorded on Thursday July 9 and we try our best to recap all the celebrity deaths, foreign elections, and well - everything!

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Show Notes:

A Tough Couple Of Weeks
Michael Jackson RIP
An Interesting Perspective on MJ
Fourth Of July Fireworks
More Celebrity Deaths
John and Kate
Mark Sanford
Sarah Palin
Iran's Election
The Best Job In The World Followup
The Deadliest Day On The Road
Cool Anniversaries Coming Up
Update On American's Girth
Funemployment And Other New Words
The State Of The Economy
Closing A Bank Vs. Assigning And Starting New Projects
Going Off The Grid
Thoughts On Facebook and The iPhone
Rhode Island In The News
The Most Popular Car Model Of All Time


  • At July 13, 2009 , Anonymous Jeff FromMonroeOH said...

    Hey Jeff,
    FYI, the mp3 you posted is actually of Episode 59.
    The episode on the podcastpickle player is correct, tho'.

    Thanks for your podcasts. Your show is one of my favorites!

  • At July 13, 2009 , Blogger Jeff said...

    Jeff - thanks so much! It was a typo actually. I did fix it.

    Thanks for listening!!


  • At July 14, 2009 , Blogger Zaldor said...

    Regarding the 'Best Job In The World', the woman from Dallas (I think) was Cali Lewis of podcast - a great video podcast, and she even took a lot of video of her trip to Queensland!

    Great show guys!


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