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Monday, January 21, 2008

Show 62 This And That Podcast

Show 62 This And That Podcast

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We're back refreshed after the holidays. Except I still have problems with my new recording software. I chopped off the first couple of minutes of the show. So to summarize - here is what you missed: "Hi, this is Jeff" "And this is Gretchen" "And you are listening to This And That Podcast, Show Number 62" "62 what?" "Yea, I think it's a prime number" yada yada yada.... Besides for that the show is a good one - really believe us. Politics, economics, poetry, UFO's in Texas, some 2007 retrospectives and other fun and startling topics await!

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Show Notes:

Holiday Recap and Travel
Cheating Apple
The new iPhone Google map locator function
Job Opportunities With SkyHook
Top Quotes Of 2007
Top 10 Buzz Words Of 2007
The Rest Of The Coalition
Are We Heading Towards A Recession?
Love For Love Field
UFO's And Stephenville
More Economics
America Is The World's Discount Store
10 More Kissing Tips
Decision '08
Bobby Fischer RIP