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Sunday, May 15, 2005

05/14/05 This And That Podcast

05/14/05 Podcast (Show Number 13)

42 minutes | 24.1 MB

The jazz show! Is this jazz or isn't it? We talk jazz, destiny, candy, and as usual a lot of tangents along the way (can anyone say lunchtime sex?). Phone in your international 7-11 updates!

Show Notes:

Weekend Activities
     * The Wild Parrots of Telegraph Hill
     * Hola!
Denton Arts and Jazz Festival - Where's the Jazz??!!
It Happens For A Reason?
     * At 7-11
     * All Signs Point To Candy
     * Joseph Vincelli
Candy Analysis With Pat
     * Writers & Artists Snacking At Work
Podcast (Alley) Star
     * This Week In Tech
Pat Loves Words, Pat Loves Teachers
     * The Word Nerds
Call Us And Leave Your International 7-11 Updates!
     * (206) 202-TALK
May Is The Month Of ...
Sex At Lunch
Dallas Minute
     * Fun Facts About Dallas


  • At May 15, 2005 , Blogger nakedyank said...

    There are many forms of Jazz none of which seem to have been played at Denton...they call that crap soft fusion and its great for background music at a restaurant or while you're getting a blow job...but it is not can't be doing other things while you're listening to real Jazz

  • At May 16, 2005 , Anonymous Neil said...

    Jeff - I have two words for you: not jazz ;)

    The "smooth jazz" reminds me of this station my dad (not a music fan) used to listen to in his car. It was unbearable to go anywhere with him with this crap music on. I finally bought him some Verve compilation cds to end the torture.

    PS - Jeff, I think you're at your best when you're really worked up about something. Like last week's debate about the judicial system: quality.

  • At May 16, 2005 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

    Great show.

    again great sound!!!

  • At May 16, 2005 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

    dood your right about that fake jazz. jazz has been turned into a generic genre. these festivals call themselves jazz festivals not to celebrate jazz music but just to make money by selling over priced beer and food. lots of people will say they like jazz but couldn't name a jazz musician or group to save their life. kenny G is NOT jazz, it's elevator music. If it's being played at a departments store in the mall it's not jazz. unfortunately there just aren't that many jazz musicians out there anymore. coltrane forever!

  • At May 16, 2005 , Anonymous Fanny Stewrat said...

    Yeah for "fun lunches" followed by fries! I think all people would be in a better mood or psychological health if they combined these things. And, if you do it right, you cancel out the calories consumed with the fries. If you add some moves and resistance (whatever that means to you, I suggest a "wedge"), you can always add a Payday, or in my case, a peanut-free chocolate such as Carmel Hershey Treasures. But alas, as a single lady, I settled for riding my bike to work today.

    Jeff, the highlight of my life to this point was getting to see Dave Brubeck in concert in a small theater in Kansas City. After the concert, I actually cried, it was so cool. Kenny G sh*t makes me vomit.

    Hot in the Heartland

  • At May 16, 2005 , Anonymous Dave Shepherd said...

    Pat, thank you so much for the very nice words about The Word Nerds. We're trying to attract smart and articulate listeners like you and your audience too! The newest edition discusses baseball language in American English and has soundseeing tours of a minor-league and a major-league game.

  • At May 16, 2005 , Anonymous Dave Shepherd said...

    Oh, one other thing, Pat: I'm sure there's a cool word nerd guy in Dallas just waiting for YOU!!!

  • At May 17, 2005 , Anonymous Anonymous said...


    Wah, there are no cool word nerds waiting for me in Dallas!

    I took a class at FSU called "Elements of Greek and Latin in Vocabulary" my last year there. I think I was the student who looked up more words than any one else (can you say loser?)

    I used to write words I ran across in reading on cards and look them up in the dictionary, including the etymology (if it was interesting). Here is a sample of words on one card: obloquy, obfuscate (your favorite), apocalyptic, bucolic, bowdlerized, doggrel, bacchant, lugubrious, bravura, aver.

    Ah, those were the good old days.

    I'm going to listen to your show every week for sure.


  • At May 18, 2005 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

    I checked out a word nerds podcast. The word tenesmus comes to mind...

  • At May 18, 2005 , Blogger Jeff said...

    Neil - that's the second time I've heard that type of comment. Perhaps more coffee is the key ;-) We very much appreciate you guys and the fact that you are listening...

    Thanks Andrew!!

    I am glad to see that I am not the only one that would like to see jazz being called jazz and 'smooth' jazz or whatever be called something else. How else can we pick a night club or band to see if the genre doesn't represent correctly? Anyone going to a club and expecting real jazz is just going to be dissapointed when they hear the other stuff.

    Fanny - I know what you mean. Dave Brubeck's "West Side Story" album was one of the first jazz albums I owned in high school. I still love it to this day. Sometimes listening to Charlie Parker in the middle of the night will fill me up with emotions that are impossible to describe but it has to do with beauty and artistry and technical brialliance wrapped up in a package that is breathtaking...

  • At May 18, 2005 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

    BORING! jeff is gay and Pat has HUGE issues

  • At May 18, 2005 , Anonymous Pat said...

    Hahaha! While Jeff is not gay, I can say, you're right, Pat does have issues!

    And, chances are, she's gonna keep having them, pal.

  • At May 18, 2005 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

    Great show, thank you for the kind words. We'll be tuning in to your shows in the future. -- Howard, Word Nerd #Two.

  • At May 18, 2005 , Anonymous Pat said...

    Hey Anon,

    tenesmus -eh? Great word, wow.

    Word Nerds not your style, well, to each his own. There are worse interests, no doubt.

    What about Omphaloskepsis, perhaps you would enjoy that more?



  • At May 18, 2005 , Anonymous paul said...

    you might be doing the show at 22 khz now, but the player is playing your last 2 shows too fast.

    break out the panties pat.

  • At May 18, 2005 , Anonymous paul again said...

    Loved the show this week! I don't agree about the word 'jazz' jeff, but i agree that that's stinky jazz.

    your recommendations for new podcasts are awesome. you guys are fantastic at giving these thorough and personal reviews. i loved the honesty about not knowing what's going on with leo laporte--realize that his very popular techtv show 'the screensavers' has a geek audience who followed them over from that. the show was VERY good and made computing riveting...

    patrick norton and leo are really awesome and some of the late-appearing hosts (the producers decided gen-x was where they wanted to go) just sucked donkey dick.

  • At May 19, 2005 , Anonymous Anonymous said...


    Omphaloskepsis is definitely more my style. Touché

    The word nerds are fine. I was just feeling a bit surly. Probably from too much introspection or too little evacuation...

    Infatuated with Pat

  • At May 19, 2005 , Anonymous Danni said...

    *sigh* I can't keep my fat mouth shut this week. Hey "anonymous" (real brave) please do not use the word "gay" as a means of name-calling or explicative. There's a word for that, its something like "bigotry," I'll check with the word nerds. Pat's only issue is that she's so hot its gotta hurt. Sorry to take up space for this guys, needed to be said.

  • At May 19, 2005 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

    Hi Danni,

    Just to clarify, lest I be lumped in with a cretin...

    There are at least 2 different anonymous posters out here.

    The joking (my intention, anyway) post about tenesmus and the word nerds was by me. The "BORING" remark was from someone else.

    Infatuated w/P

  • At May 19, 2005 , Anonymous Danni said...

    So, so sorry, Infatuated w/P (and who wouldn't be), didn't realize there were two anonymous names in this list. I'm sure you're lovely, no where near a cretin, and I'm not usually such a pain...well, not most of the time :oP Kisses to all! I'm afraid Jeff is going to ban me from the site pretty soon, or at least I'll be in trouble with neil, so ssshhhh ;0)

  • At May 19, 2005 , Blogger Jeff said...

    I thought one of the Anonymous posters was Pat's Mom... ;-) Not saying which one. Danni, thanks for coming to our rescue - I could never ban YOU!!

  • At May 20, 2005 , Anonymous Brad P. from NJ said...

    Yea!!!! The Word Nerds are tons of fun.

    I found it really cool that you picked two PodCasts with high production values that are from two different types of people. This Week in Tech is run by a bunch of twits (an acronym, you see, not a denigration) who've done broadcasting for more than 15 years a piece, so they've got the whole how-to-talk-on-produced-pieces thing down pat... These guys used to work together on other tech stuff, but this is just the guys sitting around talking about, as Jeff noticed, really geeky stuff.

    The Word Nerds are just a few teachers who are getting together to chat. Because they're teachers, though, they've got the whole talking-to-people-and-sounding-professional
    thing down pat.

    I think what ties these together, and what This 'n That has in common with both, is that the people involved in these PodCasts are passionate about their content.

    Ya'll rock.

  • At May 21, 2005 , Blogger Tanguero said...

    Good show, guys and gals! Loved it! I'm heading straight over to Podcast Alley and Podcast Pickle (not necessarily in that order) to vote for This and That. . .

    Thanks for coming to the last meeting of the Dallas Podcasting Meetup Group. You really made a great contribution to the evening and I hope you'll plan on coming on a regular basis.

    And if you can, send over other present or potential podcasters to the website for the Dallas Podcasting Meetup Group -- so they can join us for more lively conversation about. . . what else? . . podcasting.

    Larry Stevens


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