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Saturday, April 30, 2005

04/30/05 This And That Podcast

04/30/05 Podcast (Show Number 11)

43 minutes | 19.8 MB

A lot of topics this week varying from gas prices to Paris Hilton. We also visit with our friends at the Borderline podcast to discuss the controversy surrounding the word 'gal'. Thanks guys!!

Show Notes:

The Paris Hilton Podcast and Commercialization
Don't Send Us Money!! (but please vote for us on Podcast Alley!)
Pat's Podcast Picks
     * Yeast Radio
     * Delta Park Project
Exploitation of the Missing
Courship By Kidnapping
What Do The 'Gals' Think?
     * With the Borderline Podcast
Jeff's Ingredients For Happiness
Norway, Gas Prices And Our Obsession With Cars
The Pope's Garage Sale
Candy Heaven
Being Fat Is Healthy?
Dallas Minute
     * Dr. Delphinium
     * Dallas Podcasters Meetup Group

Send Pat Your Candy Recommendations!

Show Links:

Yeast Radio
Delta Park Project
Verge Of The Fringe
Dr. Delphinium
The Dallas Podcasting Meetup Group

Saturday, April 23, 2005

04/23/05 This And That Podcast

04/23/05 Podcast (Show Number 10)

34 minutes | 15.5 MB

Pat and Jeff take a look back through the years (and why yes, of course we have a clip!). Pat updates us on her vacation and we talk about the new Pope and remember Marla.

NOTE: Replaced stereo version a few hours after initial mono file went up. No major difference but the 'dream effect' and the music interludes sound better.

Show Notes:

Pat and Jeff Look Back
Singing on Dawn and Drew
Pat's Vacation
Age Differences in Dating
Uncle Tungsten and the Famous Scientists
Pope Benedict XVI and American Catholics
Marla Ruzicka - RIP
Dallas Minute
     * NPR Pledge Drive
     * Celebration
     * 7-11 Coffee Prices
     * Cathy's Wok

Show Links:

Dawn And Drew
Uncle Tungsten
Marla Ruzicka
Cathy's Wok

Sunday, April 17, 2005

04/16/05 This And That Podcast

04/16/05 Podcast (Show Number 9)

47 minutes | 22.9 MB

The Pat-less show. Pat is on vacation this week BUT we have a new song, a trip to see Texas Bluebonnets with Amy and lots of other fun and serious stuff...(but we miss Pat). Rest assured - she will be back next week.

Show Notes:

The Pat-less show
Listener Feedback and Voicemails
Comments on Effects (for the last time)
Podcasting Chemistry and Podcasting Burnout
Podcast Star
Tripping Bluebonnets with Amy
Amy's Motivational Event
The Feral Cat Problem
Dallas Minute
     * Waffle Iron

Show Links:

Hi-Fi Version - Song: "Podcast Star" (3:39)
Waffle Iron Cafe
Pics: Jeff and Amy's Bluebonnet Trip

     * Viva Podcast
     * Verge Of The Fringe
     * The Bitterest Pill
     * The Bear Cave
     * WTF BBQ
     * Area 51
     * Exit 50
     * Borderline

Friday, April 08, 2005

04/09/05 This And That Podcast

04/09/05 Podcast (Show Number 8)

42 minutes | 20.6 MB

We salute the Pope with help from our foreign correspondent, Clementina!

Show Notes:

No Effects Show
Giving Thanks
Drink Win Play Update
Search Engine Keywords
Dating Experiences and Nightmares
Papal Stories With Clementina
Mathematics And The Cosmos
New (To Us) Podcasts
     * How Stuff Works
     * Verge Of The Fringe
Spaulding Gray And Story Telling
Dallas Minute
     * Lame Cover Story
     * Starbucks Delocator

Show Links:

Pat's Spreadsheet

     * Viva Podcast
     * The PK And J Show
     * How Stuff Works
     * Verge Of The Fringe

     * Swimming To Cambodia
     * My Dinner With Andre

Web Sites
     * Mathematics Awareness Month
     * D Magazine
     * Starbucks Delocater

Saturday, April 02, 2005

04/02/05 This and That Podcast

04/02/05 Podcast (Show Number 7)

40 minutes | 19.4 MB

Pat's voice sounds 'far away' in this one - blame her bad earphones and not getting right up on the mic. Oh well - after the show we made a Guitar Center run where she got much better phones and a better pop filter - yeah!

Show Notes:

Podcast Democracy
Tax Time and "Being The Ball"
Podcast Alley Voting
Keith And The Girl
User Feedback
Mystery Of The Missing Ice Cream
Pat's New Obsession - snicker, snicker
April Foolery
Daylight Savings Time and Other Time Oddities
Restaurant Kids
New Yorker Magazine Summary
Pat's Cruisin' For A Bruisin'
Surgery TV
Cable TV Paradigm Shift
Podcasting Couples
Where's The Airplane?
Weekly Segment: Dallas Minute
     * Hamburgers!
     * Possum Stories

Show Links:

Keith And The Girl
Show Me Your Wound
The PK and J Show
Air Ferg
Viva Podcast