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Sunday, June 15, 2008

Show 67 This And That Podcast

Show 67 This And That Podcast

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Another thrilling show full of depressing topics. I guess the current situation of the world does not seem good right now. We talk economics, jobs, sexual diseases, food prices, gas prices, and other such downers! lol We also play a couple of voice mails.

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Show Notes:

Friday The 13th Is Safe
Jeff Is Looking For Work Again
Employment and Labor Outlook
What's Up With The Cranes?
A Visit To Burger's Lake
Dallas" Budget Shortfall
Ken From Hawaii
Dallas On The Cheap And Free
Oil Predictions And Changes In Transportation
Hoarding Gasoline
The Cost Of Living
Herpes In The News
Teen Birth Rates
The Mortgage Crisis Explained : This American Life
Cruel Summer Camp Counselors
Over The Counter Paternity Tests
Ferg on Barbie (
Some Barbie Followup
Life Expectancy Update
News In Baby Names
Foreign Polls On Our Upcoming Election
Update On Dropout Statistics
Killer Tomato Update
Swinging On TV
Recap On Recount