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Monday, November 12, 2007

Show 60 This And That Podcast

Show 60 This And That Podcast

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Holy cow. Sorry for the long show. Next time I will bring a timer to the studio. Lots of topics today and this show marks the first show using my new equipment. I still don't have all the quirks figured out yet but at least we got the show out. Lots of topics today as you can imagine with 80 minutes! We comment about health, quirks, China, and the ever exploding information world that we live in. Promise to be within 60 minutes next time...

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Show Notes:

Jeff's New iMac
Most Expensive Cities
Coffee, Oh Coffee
It's All About Carbs
Writer's Strike
What Would You Do Without TV?
Newspaper Subscriptions
Information Explosion
Brittany's Spending
Senior Sex!
Dressing The Middle Aged Including Mommy Sweaters
Jeff's Pet Peeve
Cell Phones While Driving
Latest Political Polling
Growing Cost Of The War
One Laptop Per Child
Chinese Manufacturing
Fifty Ways To Beat The Reaper: I