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Sunday, May 22, 2005

05/21/05 This And That Podcast

05/21/05 Podcast (Show Number 14)

45 minutes | 30.6 MB

Help in the studio! Gifts! New Website! What more could we want?

Show Notes:

Hot Hot Hot
New Big Budget And Guests
Lost Messages
Dallas Podcasters Meetup
     * Podcast Pickle
Getting Worked Up
We're Not In Kansas Anymore
     * Changing The Definition of Science
Class Shifting In America
     * Freakonomics
Customer Service Stories
     * The Good Sweetwater
     * The Bad Dallas City Hall
Candy, Walgreens, and 7-11
     * AK Podcast
     * Send In Your 7-11 Updates - 206 202 TALK
Big Box Of Goodies
     * Borderline
Dallas Minute
     * White Rock Lake Dog Park
     * The Lounge At The Inwood

Our podcast puppy, Shotgun, in the house
(he didn't like the headphones - but he's still being trained)


  • At May 23, 2005 , Anonymous Damion Vigil said...

    Great show, the extra staff really makes a difference. Thanks for the Link in your show notes. Bye from Alaska.


  • At May 23, 2005 , Anonymous Pat said...

    Hey Damian,

    I'm so glad the extra dough we have been laying out for the engineer is paying off. Of course, the intern works just for the joy of it, right?

    I listened to your NittyMashup and I LOVED IT! You do realize, of couse, that my reference about "I wonder what it's like in Alaska" was my hidden hi to you, right?

    See ya, pat

  • At May 24, 2005 , Anonymous Damion Vigil said...

    Yep, My wife and I were listening to your show while driving back from the aminal reserve about 30 miles out of Anchorage. (I'll put some pictures on my site) My wife said: "wow they said Alaska", then I told here how I phoned in a 7-11 report. She is still struggling with a workable knowledge of the whole Podcast thing. About the Nitty mashup, it took about 12 minutes to do with "Acid Pro 4.0" (I've been using it for years). I used to DJ in clubs, I would whip out a cool remix I did, and the crowd was amazed. Little do they know, its very simple to cheat the system with computer. If I could do that good of a job with turntables, I'd be rich. Thanks for the compliment, I'm flattered. About Sweetwater, your right, their service is amazing. The "Shotgun" photo cracked me up because My basement looks very similar, various instrument neatly arranged and placed on smart little stands.

  • At May 25, 2005 , Anonymous paul said...

    jeff, pat--

    great job on the last show.
    I loved the way it started--love when you guys are uncomfortably risque. I haven't finished it yet, but hoping pat explains what happened when that guy 'came over'.

    you also beat me to the intern thing. we need one too. we were gonna do a bit, might still, on an ad for an intern. you can pretty much imagine where i was gonna go with it.

  • At May 25, 2005 , Blogger Jeff said...

    Damion, it's a very cool image that we would be on your car stereo while crusing in Alaska... very cool. Keep in mind, I did 'tidy' up a bit for the pic of's a freaking mess in there....

    Paul, looking forward to 'your' bit with the intern. Maye once you get one, we can get ours to meet. lol I'm halfway through your show now (the second half will be listened to on my commute home) and as usual am enjoying it!

  • At May 26, 2005 , Anonymous Danni said...

    Jeff, Kids here don't count corn, they detassel it, its kind of a sh*tty rite of passage. I am so glad to hear you like your book! At Halloween here in Lincoln there is an accompanying bus tour for the Ghosts of Lincoln.

    Pat, pink Nebraska tee shirt + mini skirt = Grade A Fox.

    Great show guys! Kisses, Danni

  • At May 26, 2005 , Blogger Chris Boyd said...

    Omg, that is the cutest dog ever.

    I am about to listen to my first Thisandthat podcast...found you guys from a post by Jeff on the forums, saw you were in Dallas (my wife and I live in Austin and will be moving to Hurst in a couple months), and I thought I would give you a listen. Here goes...

  • At May 26, 2005 , Blogger Jeff said...

    Danni, I grew up in Northern Illinois and our good friend Susan also grew up in Northern Illinoise (she was in the DeKalb area)... To make a long story short, Nebraska is certainly not the only state to have a huge detasseling culture!! Though I always HATED it...

    I always think that when the settlers first came upon Illinois, it must have loooked just amazing with long tall prairie grass and the endless amounts of flat...

  • At May 26, 2005 , Blogger Jeff said...


    Alright - new neighbors! Well, I hope your first experience with our show goes well... Do appreciate you giving us a chance!

  • At May 26, 2005 , Blogger Chris Boyd said...

    I am moving to Hurst to start my teaching career in the fall. In regards to the Pledge in schools and school prayer and moments of silence...

    1) The pledge of allegiance should not be required to said by anyone, especially elementary school children. They are learning so much about the world and their opinions are constantly changing. The concept of "allegiance" is very difficult for them to be understood fully. This is all besides the fact that the First Amendment protects the right to not be required to say it. I know, I know...children aren't full citizens yet, but I fully believe that that right should be fully extended to them for this purpose.

    2) "Under God" should not be in the pledge. Period. It is an endorsement of religion and is so unconstitutional, it is not even funny.

    3) Prayer should never be required or endorsed in schools. Separation of church and state. If kids want to pray that they have a good day at school, they can wake up one minute early and do it then. The "moment of silence" is a blatant attempt to allow school prayer without allowing it.

    As a teacher, I am responsible for making sure every student recites both pledges (U.S. and Texas) and is silent during the state-required One Minute of Silence, and I will certainly abide by them. However, I will make sure to inform those children who do not want to say the pledge of the procedures that need to be followed in order to excuse them from saying the pledges (namely, having their parent turn in a form giving their permission for the child to be excused).

    It will be a joyous day for me, indeed, when people are content with keeping their religion to themselves and the government stays out of people's spiritual business.

    As for teaching a little bit of creationism, I would not mind it at all, as long as it is taught to a developmentally appropriate age-group (perhaps 11+) and is done so in a social studies vain. Creationism is not science, no matter how much the Intelligent Design people try to doll it up.


  • At May 26, 2005 , Blogger Chris Boyd said...

    Also, that evolution occurs is a fact. I know microbiologists who see it happen all the time. How evolution occurs is theory.

  • At May 26, 2005 , Anonymous Pat said...


    The Podcast Puppy is up for adoption if you want him! I am teaching him to walk on a leash, trying to potty train him, teaching him to listen for my whistle, and teaching him to be happy in the crate. In otherwords, when you get him, he should be a good little puppy.

    I can send you more pictures of my cute puppy if you say so.....


  • At May 26, 2005 , Blogger Chris Boyd said...

    Lmao, I just noticed that the Podcast Puppy penis is protruding proudly in that picture!

    Sure, my wife would love a couple of pics. We may even be up to adopting that guy...she has been wanting a dog for years, but living in a small apartment with two cats meant no dogs allowed. We will be buying a house later in the year, and a trained dog might work nicely.



  • At May 27, 2005 , Anonymous Pat said...


    That's just his boy parts! Trust me, there was nothing protruding from him, the only way for that not to show is to cut it off! His "boys" haven't even descended yet, he's so young.

    By the way, I wanted to mention that I am with you on all the points you made. I am very much a "separation of church and state" advocate. I think those against it are "originalist" (of which A. Scalia is the king of all)who believe that SoC&S is not explictly stated in the Constitution.

    I did get an email from a listener suggesting I listen to his podcast on evolution. From looking at his site, he's Christian (not that there is anything wrong with that).

    I'll gather up some adorable pictures of Shotgun, but you need to know, I'm trying to train him, but he's still a puppy and he does what puppies do....


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