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Sunday, August 26, 2007

Show 57 This And That Podcast

Show 57 This And That Podcast

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Sorry about the long show. Jeff forgot his watch in the studio and we rambled on a bit longer than usual. But it's all in good fun. Gretchen gets back from her trip to Alaska, we weigh in on the toy scandal (Gretchen is in the industry), talk some techie stuff as well as a whole lot of various topics!

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Show Notes:

Heinz 57
iPhone / iMac
Phoenix Helicopter Tragedy
Judicial Overstepping
You Don't Know Dick
Being Unhealthy Could Cost You Money
Backlash On Top Universities
Chocolate Vs. Kissing
Retiring in... Mexico?
Who's The Oldest Person You Ever Had Sex With?
Google and Microsoft Get Into Health Care
Macs In A Microsoft Shop
Gretchen's MegaWhitts
Alaska: Up Close And Personal
North Pole Up For Sale?
Young Professional Women Make More Money Than Men
Cities With The Most Courteous Drivers
Dallas: The Rodeo / The Fashion Show
Jeff's Business Idea: Calendaring
Gretchen Weighs In On Toys And China
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