This And That Podcast

Sunday, February 27, 2005

02/26/05 This And That Podcast

02/26/05 Podcast (Show Number 2)

31 minutes | 15.4 MB

Show Notes:

Marriage Counseling and Podcasting
Dinner Table Therapy
Pat's New Addition
Hot Rod
Paris Hilton
Cell Phone Dependency
Instant Message Closure
New Weekly Feature: "Getting To Know You"
Jeff's Old Song: "31"
Master Of Our Domains and New Hosts
Paypal Finds Out About Pat
2005 Oscar Shorts Nominations: Ryan, 7:35 In The Morning
Bloopers (funny)

Monday, February 21, 2005

02/19/05 This And That Podcast

02/19/05 Podcast (Show Number 1)

22 minutes | 10.8 MB

Show Notes:

Pop Filters
Hot and Dumb
The 00's
Bad Math
Slide Rules
Hard Words
Our Title
The Best American Erotica
Salon Magazine
Bloggers vs. Main Stream Media
Theme Music?