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Monday, March 30, 2009

Show 75 This And That Podcast

Show 75 This And That Podcast

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Can you tell Jeff has had some wine before this show? Really, it's not that bad. This is a happier show than last show. Jeff and Gretchen try to get out of the doom and gloom mode by talking about fun festivals, new technology, cool books, local politics, the Texas textbook controversy, benefits of sex, nutrition and many other topics.

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Show Notes:

South By Southwest
Why Are Bands On So Late?
The Kindle 2
Bond Initiatives
Jeff's St. Patrick's Day Party
Crime Is Down In Dallas
The Ryan Motes Story
The Texas Textbook Controversy
Signing Emails?
A Virus Is Coming, A Virus Is Coming!
Six Reasons To Have Sex
Pet Accidents
The 10 Best Foods That You Aren't Eating
Spokane Dishwasher Detergent Issue
Radio Men vs. Girls HS Basketball Team
Our Wealth Is Plunging
Economy, Auto Bailout, Etc...
A K-Y Study


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