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Sunday, May 18, 2008

Show 66 This And That Podcast

Show 66 This And That Podcast

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Sorry again - this show turned out a bit on the long side. And we didn't even get through all of our material. On this show learn about what fish to eat - both for your health as well as preserving the fish supply. We talk about some recap's of our last month, take a look at some really interesting surveys, some politics, the latest in the death industry, clubbing among other interesting topics!

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Show Notes:

Gretchen's Lasik
Jeff's P(i)MP Certification
Jeff's Scuba Recap
Hawaii Doing Well
Single Men Of Dallas Dominate
Leading In-Migration Cities
The Most Sexually Satisfied Cities
Costume Party Nightmare
We Love Our Names!
Barbie Updates
Women And Food
Airline In-Cabin Lawsuit
Barack, Hillary And The Gas Tax Holiday
More Politics
A Guy Slump Economically
Eating Fish Safely 101
Buried, Cremated Or Turned To Sludge?
Public Libraries - How Much Do YOU Pay?
Jeff's Ethical Dilemma
Clubbing: Men vs. Women
Gay Or Not Gay?
Carol Burnett