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Friday, November 06, 2009

Show 80 This And That Podcast

Show 80 This And That Podcast

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The kids are back and rolling! Gretchen talks about some very interesting observations from her recent travels. We talk about how the pill has changed how we select mates, some ugly cities, the laptop steering wheel desk and a host of other topics.

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Show Notes:

Some Show History
Observations of China, New Orleans and South Korea
Windows 7
America's Safest Cities
The Ugliest City
The 2010 Census
The Pill's Effect On Mate Selection
Excessive Masturbation
Army Recruitment Statistics
Food Stamps
The Laptop Steering Wheel Desk
Higher Alcohol Content In Beer
The Homeless American Girl
Jeff's Bitches
Singles Travel Redo
Interracial Marriage
Cleveland Serial Killer
Where Is The Berlin Wall?
The Chinese iPhone