This And That Podcast

Sunday, March 27, 2005

03/26/05 This and That Podcast

03/26/05 Podcast (Show Number 6)

38 minutes | 18.7 MB

Oh no! Jeff and Pat's Rap Song!

Show Notes:

Studio Notes
Easter Sunday and Pat's Descent
Poor Terri Schiavo
How Many Clicks To Porn?
Godcasting and Porn - uh oh
Desperate Podcasters
This And That Rap (yes, the song)
     * High Quality MP3 (1:52 2.7MB)
Podcasts We Are Listening To
Weekly Segment: Getting To Know You
     * There Is Only One Station, Right?
     * For The Love Of Beans
Mom's Rock Island Report
Weekly Segment: Dallas Minute
     * The Best Dallas Radio Show
     * Talk Cinema

Show Links:

Viva Podcast
The Bitterest Pill
Air Ferg
Insomnia Radio
Superburst Mixtape
Talk Cinema

Sunday, March 20, 2005

03/19/05 This and That Podcast

03/19/05 Podcast (Show Number 5)

36 minutes | 17.4 MB

Wow - Jeff meet's NPR's Terry Gross...

Show Notes:

Dallas Spring
Drink, Win and Play Update (and ROI)
"Action" After 50 redux
Celebrities in High Definition
Pat Gets Dissed
Protest Now! - The Sensible Way To Revolt
7-11 Update
Jeff Appears on NPR's "Fresh Air"
     * High Quality MP3 (2:56 3.8MB)
Podcast Voices and Accents
The Ig Nobel Awards
Experiments With Gas
How To Talk To Kids
Poop For Peace
     * Chris Rockwell Message
Weekly Segment: Getting To Know You
     * I Was A Pre-Teen Podcaster
     * Awesome Lasagna
Weekly Segment: Dallas Minute
     * Jeng Chi
     * Spring Weather

Show Links:

After The Show At Jeng Chi
Celebrities: Best and Worst on High-Def
The Ig Nobel Awards
The Daily Download
Dawn and Drew
Viva Podcast

Saturday, March 12, 2005

03/12/05 This and That Podcast

03/12/05 Podcast (Show Number 4)

39 minutes | 19.3 MB

Man, these shows keep getting longer. We promise to hold better to the 30 minutes rule in the future!

Show Notes:

Pat's Disease
Belle and the Bad Neighbor
This is Journalism?
Drink, Win and Play (and Math)
Fun Beatles Cover
7/11 Update, Twix and the Perfect Poop
69" Breasts
Fun Statistics
     * Blogs
     * iTunes
     * Sidekicks
Boeing CEO "Scandal"
The Sex Lives of Jeff and Pat
Weekly Segment: Getting To Know You
     * Rock Island IL
     * NPR
     * Special: Limerick from Wes Williamson
Weekly Segment: Dallas Minute
     * An "A" List Wedding
     * Spring in Dallas

Show Links:

Pat's Panties

Sunday, March 06, 2005

03/05/05 This and That Podcast

03/05/05 Podcast (Show Number 3)

32 minutes | 16.1 MB

Show Notes:

Press - Frontburner
Seven Inches
Stupendo Studio Vocal Booth
Pat's Mistake and Medical Report
Oscar Updates - "Ryan" and Musical Performances
Music Business: Insanity, iTunes and Podcast Regulations
Focus on Mashups (w/ samples)
7-11 and French Toast Cappuccino
Weekly Segment: Getting To Know You
Feedback Line
Caffeine Awareness Month
Weekly Segment: Dallas Minute
     * Breadwinners
     * Tacos
     * Dallas Theater Center - The Violet Hour

Show Links:

Estan getting 'photo-therapied'