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Sunday, October 14, 2007

Show 59 This And That Podcast

Show 59 This And That Podcast

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Oh boy, really lucky to get this podcast out. It was recorded a week ago but I seemed to have lost the use of my audio drivers on my PC halfway into the production and was only able to hobble it together (even that was lucky!) using Audacity on my laptop instead of the usual tools. I apologize in advance as it might take a while to get the next show out as I will have to get a new PC and am looking into buying some new tools (and the learning curves behind all that). BUT - you don't care about all that - the current show is up and ready.... so enjoy!

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Show Notes:

New Phone Line!
Texas OU Weekend
Metrosexual Revisited
Elevator Buttons Revisited
Southwest Airlines Dress Code
Airline Performance Getting Worse
Comments to Strangers
Food Web Sites And Restaurant Reviews
Science And The "Game" Of Love
Symmetry, Hip Ratios, Smell and Genes
The Appendix Rediscovered
Irving, TX Immigration News
Preview of Upcoming Show