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Thursday, March 05, 2009

Show 74 This And That Podcast

Show 74 This And That Podcast

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It's about time for another show! Both Jeff and Gretchen had some pretty big things come up that took precedence over doing the show. In fact, Jeff's studio was in turmoil. Jeff and Gretchen share some lessons learned from both ordeals as well as talk about the economy, vacation planning, some local Dallas news that made the national headlines as well a number of other interesting and thoughtful topics!

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Show Notes:

Lots of Stuff Going On!
Jeff: House Fire
Gretchen: Identify Theft
Thoughts on Personal Debt
Is There Any Happy News Out There?
Economic Talk
Upcoming Trips
Cherry Blossoms In DC
Vacations For Sale
Counter Intuitive Food Choices
Hiring Prospects For Ex Cons
Parkland Hospital's "Thursday" Cake
Girls Basketball: 100-0
George W. Bush In Dallas Update
Most Desirable Cities In The US
Cholesterol Lowering Foods
What Is A Trillion?


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