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Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Show 48 This And That Podcast

Show 48 This And That Podcast

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This is a "low-tech" show as we try out some mobile equipment (no studio). Topics today include funny ways that people find our show, words of the year, amazing demographics about single and married people, surprising news on weight loss, aging, and who is giving the most to charity, discussions about hangings and decapitation and transparent purses!

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Show Notes:

Trying Out The Portable Setup
Listener Feedback
Funny Ways People Find Us
German Porn
Single Women Are More Popular Than Married Women
Word(s) Of The Year
Presidential Contenders
Talking Gutters
America's Charity Divide
Secrets To Long Life
Weight Loss Tricks
Pre-Marital Sex Through The Ages
Some Football Talk...
...And The Commercials
Heads Roll (Literally)
     *Mary, Queen Of Scots
     *Rope Length Calculations
     *Different Forms Of Hanging
Quirky Travel Destinations
A Brave New Hi-Def World
Purse Trends: Transparency Is In!