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Thursday, July 24, 2008

Show 68 This And That Podcast

Show 68 This And That Podcast

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I never know what to say in these show introductions. So just read the show notes to see what the kids are talking about this week! A lot of stuff has happened since our last show and some say the world will end in...

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Show Notes:

No Good Letters
Recap Of Last Month
A/C Noise
New iPhone and Jeff's New Applications
Beware: The End Of The World! 12/21/12
Jeff's Random Observations:
   - TV News Trend?
   - Hurricane News Video
   - Retail CD's
Graduates - Top Majors
Facebook Extroverts
John McCain And The Google
Ross Perot Answers
   - PerotCharts
Al Gore vs. George W.
Sunscreen Advice (UVA/UVB)
T. Boone (Bone) Pickens and Oil Prices
Municipal Gas Costs Rising
Library Updates: Preview Of Next Show
Starbucks Woes
Health News:
   - Red Wine: Resveratrol
   - Eating Every Other Day
Obesity In The Workplace
New York City Calorie Counts
Five-Holing The Shakers In The Chip Shops
Watermelon, Oh Yea
America's Most Hated Foods
Suicide Made To Look Like Murder
The George W. Bush Sewage Plant