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Monday, May 08, 2006

Show 36 This And That Podcast

Show 36 This And That Podcast

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A lot of politics are talked about in this show. Carol and Jeff often have differing views but still have a good time discussing the issues of the day. Also included are some tasty Dallas minutes, some useful health news and a lot of other fun.

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Show Notes:

Jeff's Secret
Jeff's Announcement
     * Today In Podcasting
     * Podcheck Review
Carol vs. The Gas Pump
United 93
Zacarias Moussaoui's Fate
Illegal Immigration
Political Corruption
Health News
     * Perceptions Of Being Overweight
     * Vitamin D
     * Sex In 2016 (Can't Wait!)
Web Site Of The Week: Second Life
Dallas Minute
     * New Five Star Hotels
     * Best Hamburgers In Dallas
     * Stealing Thongs
     * What To Do With Texas Stadium
     * Best Hamburgers In Dallas
More Political Arguing


  • At May 09, 2006 , Anonymous Tom Delay said...

    Hannity and Limbaugh are as fair and balanced as they come...

    Reality is the problem. Everyone knows that reality has a liberal bias. ;-)

  • At May 10, 2006 , Blogger chris in tulsa said...

    Ok, I had to comment... Today was a big day for my wife and I.. today she became a U.S. citizen! she is originally from Manila and here is her story... Her parents moved to the U.S. for work.. her father got a job in Washington, D.C. My wife was in HIgh School at the time.. her parents petitioned for a resident alien card, and it took 8 years! for her to get that card. her brother was older and was able to come over as a student and he became a citizen.. so 8 years later.. my wife came to the U.S. to visit her parents.. she only saw them occasionally during high school and college.. they were living in Arizona at the time and that is where we met.. we met at work.. Well.. after you have been a resident alien for 5 years, you are eligible to apply for citizenship.. she did.. and she sent in the money and application.. got her fingerprints a few months later.. a couple of months later she got her interview and today.. May 10th, she became a U.S. citizen... so how do you think she feels about amnesty? or for that matter a ... uh.. temporary worker program (btw, where does a temporary worker go when she is pregnant? or if he is injured on the job?< that's right.. the emergency room, just like the illegal alien) She is so angry about Illegal aliens and any talk about them getting a break.. it took her 14 years to become a citizen.. because she and her family did not break the rules! I know.. what is the solution? I think that you are right Jeff.. the only solution is to punish the people that hire illegal aliens.. I suggest a stiff fine... $1,000 per day per worker that is illegally on the job. I think that would get the attention of employers. Now, I also have some first hand knoweledge of illegal aliens because I used to live in Mexico.. and guess what.. if you teach the illegal aliens english and give them legal footing.. guess what!!! they aren't going to want to do those farm jobs anymore are they? I worked at a hotel in Arizona.. and I decided that I was going to teach my Housekeepers some English.. brought in some tutors and when they picked up some language.. they didn't want to clean rooms anymore.

    So.. then what? then.. more illegals come in.. I think that it is a crock that you can't deport 11 million people... many of the men that are illegal in this country from mexico, left their families back in Mexico.. and they send the money back.. take away the jobs.. and there will be an exodus from this country.

    Then what? who will mow the lawns? clean the dishes? Well, who does that job in Canada? We will have to pay more for those jobs.. give benefits.. maybe we will have to make our kids go to work to get their cars and cell phones.. I worked when i was 12! and I was a dishwasher and I mowed lawns as a kid..

    ok... I got all riled up..

  • At May 11, 2006 , Blogger Jeff said...

    Thanks for the (long!) comment Chris. I think that it's always a bit easy to talk about policy in the theoretical but it's real stories like you and your wife's that have the ultimate power to really shape policy and public opinion.

    Thanks for sharing and congrats to your wife for her recently acquired citizenship!

  • At May 12, 2006 , Blogger chris in tulsa said...

    This was a front page story in Tulsa

    my wife is in the photo, in the back.. she is the short asian woman :)

  • At May 12, 2006 , Blogger carol said...

    Hi Chris,

    Great story really and I am glad you appreciate the segment on illegal immigration. Amnesty is no good. I am angry also and indicated that illegals should not be given a free pass, should pay penalties for breaking the law, and should wait their turn in line just like your wife who did things the right way (in turn, we do need to crack down on employers who are providing the opportunity for illegal aliens to break the law and lining their pockets with fatter profits). The guest worker program is a pathway to eventual citizenship, does NOT reward law breaking, and seems to be a much fairer solution.

    I don't agree with Jeff's comments about how we have the power to really shape policy and public opinion (he got a bit theoretical himself and didn't realize it). Washington is NOT listening to us. If they had, they would have already instituted stiffer penalties towards everyone that has a hand and protected the borders. 13 million + illegal aliens later, we are still talking about it and nothing has been done. What am I missing Jeff? Remember my story about how Congress shut down INS (now Homeland Security) for doing their job....

    Bottom line, we (as Americans) should NOT feel guilty for doing the right thing and enforcing the laws. Why should illegal aliens be above the law? Illegals are NOT victims...they brought this on themselves by willingly breaking the law. Why should we feel sorry for anyone that breaks the law and why should we feel guilty over enforcement of the law? I know illegal aliens that send $3000 a month home (and that doesn't include what they keep to live on). UNBELIEVABLE! How many tax paying US citizens and residents can afford to do this?

    If anyone wants to take advantage of the economic prosperity and opportunity our nation has to offer, they need to follow our laws. Most immigrants know that the pathway to success is an education (and learning English) so if they tire of cleaning dishes and mowing lawns, good for them. NOT at our expense however. I doubt that they could get good paying (salaried) jobs with an illegal status however.

    I am sooo happy for you and your wife (and I got riled up too ;-)


  • At May 12, 2006 , Blogger carol said...

    Hi Tom,

    I went to see Rush last night and it was good! I can't listen to his show b/c I have to work for a living and his show airs during normal business hours.

    My Dad and I counted (2) African Americans in the entire stadium (and no! one of them was not Bill Cosby although I was looking for him). Why is this? hmmmnn.....

    Rush made a lot of sense. There were some jokes cracked at the expense of Democrats (and Hillary Rotten Clinton) but hey, Republicans have to live with the opposite 24 x 7 because as you say, our mainstream media does have a liberal bias.

    For the record, Rush did not make a six digit figure for coming out to Dallas and all proceeds went to the Scottish Rite Children's Hospital. Compare this to what Clinton earns when he goes to the Middle East to speak against our administration, our policy, our nation. Yes, it is a free country and Clinton can do and say as he wishes but does anyone else find this disturbing (like when Jane Fonda did a photo shoot with the North Koreans)?!!

    There were purple hearts in the audience that are fighting to defend our freedoms here and throughout the rest of world from crazy people who historically have proven that they are the bad guys! I got to meet some of them..very touching.

    Rush said a lot of things that made sense including that by not saying what you want to say b/c of this touchy feely world we live in, you are placing other people's feelings ahead of yours and making your own thoughts and opinions seem as insignificant and inconsequential. Interesting that a lot of us do this....

    OK, ciao!

  • At May 14, 2006 , Blogger Nobilis said...

    Carol, if you're going to talk about something, do your damn research first.

    Cheese and Rice you come off damn ignorant.

    I'm going to focus on the reason that I couldn't get through the podcast. Prison labor.

    Do you REALLY think that prisoners spend their time in leisure and educational pursuits? Please.

    FORTY TWO companies make money off of prisoners.

    And even those prisons that don't have factories have kitchens, laundries, etc. which are staffed primarily by prisoners.

    Please get your facts straight before making a fool of yourself.

  • At May 19, 2006 , Anonymous Tom DeLay said...

    Nobilis, in Carol's defense, Moussaoui is not going to be working or earning his keep. He will be sitting on his ass in solitary 23 hours a day, with the other hour spent alone in a concrete "yard". While this may be worse than execution for a martyr-wanna-be like him, it will cost the US tax payers millions before he finally goes off in fruitless search of his 72 virgins.

    By the way Carol, I didn't say our mainstream media has a liberal bias. I said *reality* has a liberal bias. That concept is paraphrased from Stephen Colbert - a true American patriot. I guess the winkie ;-) didn't give away the fact that my tongue was planted firmly in my cheek.

  • At May 21, 2006 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

    He PLEAD GUILTY. There was no trial because he PLEAD GUILTY. Just do the most basic reading of the news!

    Moussaoui is in Supermax - he has no chance of ever "mixing with the rest" because there IS NO MIXING in Supermax. It's just a bunch of tiny concrete cells underground, there is no "yard" and no "prison justice". The only television he can watch is anger management videos. A lot of guys commit suicide under these circumstances.

    As for the "justice" of the sentence, the government dropped all the serious charges some time ago, because they simply couldn't prove them. They were forced to put Massaoui in civilian court FOR SENTENCING because they dropped all the charges that fall under wartime tribunals. He just happens ot be an AMERICAN CITIZEN. For the love of Pete, read ten minutes of news before you blather for half an hour.

    I returned to this podcast after an extreme hiatus and while the production is still superb, the content has gone straight to seed. You were better off as the Seinfeld podcast - this failed attempt at discussing the "big issues" is horribly painful. Let's have some more comedy skits and Jeff-spun diet-pop music. You have no future as a serious news show.

  • At May 24, 2006 , Blogger carol said...


    WHO said anything about us wanting a future as a serious news show anyways...thanks for the tip though....we will consider it however. Please go back to your hiatus and reading the news you nasty piece of work.

    Listen up! Jeff and I tape the show live, we don't get paid to do this, and is not our full time job, Jeff has his music and social life, Carol rescues animals and more animals...PLUS there is NO editing of the show! If you reveal yourself, we'd like to invite you to the show and you can wow us with your knowledge. What do you do for fun other than read the basic news?

    We all make mistakes, even professional radio and TV people have an occasional slip of the we called it TRIAL in lieu of 'pretrial'... so Wasabe (intentional before you go off on another rampage) plead guilty. The podcast topic was about the sentencing 'trial' and the gov't was NOT forced to do had probably more to do with defendant's rights (typical ACLU/human rights stuff) even though Wasabe is A FRENCH NATIONAL FOR YOUR INFORMATION. I might get my TRIAL after all now that this pathetic wannabe martyr wants to reverse his plea and have his day 'IN COURT'(I'm sure he will need the attorneys he initially rejected for this one).

    I didn't say he would be mixing with his fellow prison buddies - only that I wish he would be allowed to mix. "According to news reports and information available online, cells at the supermax are 77 to 87 square feet in size (about the size of a small bedroom); each cell contains a bed, shower, sink, toilet, metal mirror, and television (that supposedly shows only “educational” programming); and family members, lawyers, and significant others are allowed to visit inmates (albeit in a separate visiting room). Moussaoui will be allowed out of his cell for only 1 hour each day and visiting days. And his contacts with other inmates, as well as the outside world, will be strictly limited." - so you stand corrected kinda (but who will know for sure ... i will trust your news reports vs mine after you've spent some time at the supermax and send me pictures).

    I will leave you with this quote: "Tolerance becomes a crime when applied to evil..."


    YOU NEED SOME FREAKIN' HEARING AIDS (and buy an extra pair for anomymous).

    Cheers and enjoy the next show!


  • At May 24, 2006 , Blogger Jeff said...

    All right, that does it - no more political shows ;-)

    The problem is (as we all can see from this comment section) is that for some reason everybody feels compelled to rationalize their feelings by providing the facts that make their case and ignoring the facts that don't.

    Gee. Interesting, huh?

    And this is a micro-cosm of the problems in Washington. On just about every issue, both sides could find concepts/goals they agree on and then work on policy (and sometimes compromises some) that is true to those agreed concepts and goals. And progress would be made.

    But that wouln't be fun, would it?

    OK - no more shows about politics. It riles Carol up to much and probably loses us audience because as Carol did acknowledge - we really aren't issue/policy experts and probably shouldn't act like we are.

    (and Carol, I do edit the show in places)

  • At May 27, 2006 , Anonymous Anonymous said...


    Dallas airwaves are full of conservatives: Besides WBAP that you mentioned, there's also KSKY, KLIF, KRLD, and KWRD.

    And our one newspaper?

    Conservative. They almost never endorse a Democrat, and one of their editors hails from National Review (and still contributes there). Read their blog and you'll see how conservative most of the editors are. And, hey, just in case you missed Mark Davis on his local and national radio programs, the News gives him his own column, too. You can now read and hear Mark Davis. That kind of diversity is what we need more of in this country.

    Like Cincinnati chili, Dallas media comes different ways: Conservative (Hold the Religion), Religious Conservative, Conservative with Religion on the side, or Mounds of Conservative on a bed of Religion.

  • At July 22, 2006 , Anonymous Eric said...

    Ummm... I was just gonna say that Wisconsin was a Blue state in the last presidential election and hs two Democratic Senators. ;)

    As for the tone of the debate in these comments, just about every one posting here, including Carol (sorry), is out of line. What kind of dialogue can you have when you treat politics like a football game or a pro wrestling match? I suppose we should all be ashamed as Americans that the new method of winning a debate is who can scream at the other side the loudest.



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