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Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Show 56 This And That Podcast

Show 56 This And That Podcast

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Mustering through some technical difficulties, Jeff and Gretchen load you up with lots of important information as well as some silly observations. Be sure to listen to Gretchen's fascinating story on bottled water. Other topics include controversy among librarians, summer vacations, mullets, new words, and complaints about cable TV and passports among other topics.

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Show Notes:

The Podcast Favored By George W. Bush
Podcast Take 2
Jeff's New Job
Gretchen Is Going To Alaska!
Passport Woes
Bill Maher: Why We Love Trips
Cable TV Woes
A Good Engineer...
Bush Straight Talkers?
The Democratic Race
The Modern Day Mullet
The Minimum Wage
Crazy USB Gadgets
Weird Vending Machines In Japan
Some Funny New Words
The Big Big Library Controversy In AZ
Librarian Pick Up Lines
The Big Story: Bottled Water Controversy


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