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Monday, December 11, 2006

Show 46 This And That Podcast

Show 46 This And That Podcast

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Happy Holiday Season all. (Was that politically correct?). We're back with some interesting discussions (and fun) about MySpace, Nobels, movie music, holiday shopping and holiday music, an exhaustive look into the iPod as well as a number of other items!

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Show Notes:

New Phone Number
Tired Of MySpace
December 10th: Alfred Nobel's Birthday
Grameen - Banking For The Poor
     * Web Site
Britney Spears In The News (Again)
1936 to 2005: How Movie Music Has Changed
Popular Christmas Gifts And Gift Cards
Christmas Music
     * Download Jeff's "It Doesn't Feel Like Christmas (Without You)"
101 Most Influential People That Never Lived
Christmas News
NY Doesn't Like Trans Fat
James Kim RIP
Tips And Research Research Into Happiness
MiniReview: Central214 In Dallas
MiniReview: "Venus"
When iPod's Die
Details Of Manufacturing An Ipod
Damaging Your Ears

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  • At December 12, 2006 , Anonymous jeff from monroe oh said...

    woohoo. new episode!

  • At December 13, 2006 , Anonymous Michael from Houston said...

    I'm glad you're finally back! Have a nice break?

    I check the website often for an update and was bummed it was still on that same gross oyster picture for the past few weeks.

    This was an interesting episode.... love all the trivia/current events in this new format since Gretchen joined. I especially enjoyed the part about the ipod costs. I don't think anyone really knows about the ipod factories and the sweatshop-like environment. In a way it almost sounded like jail with all the guards, fences, and 100 people per room for living. Good to hear that Apple actually pays those workers relatively well for China factories.

    BTW, I listened to this podcast while I was running tonight. I like these long shows on my long runs (1.5 hour run - marathon training) because it keeps me entertained. There are times when I actually burst out laughing. If there were others around me, they would have thought I was crazy....running and periodically laughing.

    Looking forward to the next show!


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