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Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Show 53 This And That Podcast

Show 53 This And That Podcast

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Happy Mother's Day! Well it was Mother's Day when we recorded this show. Gretchen gets serious with ponderings about Katrina and the National Guard. We also talk about demographics, better sleeping, fruits and vegetables and the vanishing bees.

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Show Notes:

Happy Mother's Day
Perfect Coffee From Coffee Company
Apology To Mo (From Brazil)
Six Good Podcast Recommendations From Bruce Chandley
Deeper Sleep In Two Hours
Gretchen Outrage: International Aid For Katrina Turned Down
Gretchen Outrage II: National Guard Woefully Under Provisioned
Problems With Taste Of Addison
Homogeneous Music
New Star Wars Movies
Flights To Orbit - Virgin Galactic
We All Need More Fruits And Vegetables
The Mystery Of The Bees
The Realignment Of America
The Best Places To Live
Will Jeff Move?


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