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Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Show 54 This And That Podcast

Show 54 This And That Podcast

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The Post-Memorial Day Show aka The Sgt. Pepper Show. The kids start the show on a serious note by talking about memorial day, the current war, and euthanasia. Then things lighten up a bit with talk of the Beatles, skittles, and too many other topics to mention here. One thing we guarantee: You WILL learn some things by listening to this podcast!

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Show Notes:

Memorial Day History
Three Quarters Of A Billion Dollars A Day
The Politics Of War
Thanks CB
It Was Fourty Years Ago Today...
Wildflower Festival
Funny Spam Subject Lines II
Bigger Houses / Less Children
Fired For Gossipping
The Single-Mart
My Blog: Jeff's Random Thoughts
The Playbill Reader (Is An Old Timer)
A Trailer Truck Full Of Skittles
10 Most Common Passwords
Movie Review: "Once"
Fun Online Courses
Michael Moore: "Sicko"
Safety Of Airbags: You Might Be Surprised
What Would YOU Do For Money?
Neanderthals vs. Humans
Happiness Is Elsewhere: Our Meanderings


  • At June 14, 2007 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

    Dear Jeff & Gretchen

    What a great show. I am sure you have many international listeners and as a Brit, it's great to have some insight into American views other than those we see in the usual media. Keep it up

    Best wishes



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