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Monday, April 02, 2007

Show 51 This And That Podcast

Show 51 This And That Podcast

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This show has been "in the can" since last Sunday - I just hadn't gotten a chance to produce it. Not to worry - the topics are as topical as ever and, of course, told as only Jeff and Gretchen could interpret them. To make up for the delay, we give you a longer than average show!

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Show Notes:

Numbers Of Your Life
"The Secret" Intention Experimetn
The Male Biological Clock
Nasal Irrigation Redux
Trend Reports: Personal Chefs
Our Changing Eating Habits
The Chicken McNugget
Reselling Designer Clothes For Profit
Divorce Myths and Facts
Hot Enough dot Org
10 Things That May Surprise You About Sex
The Spray-On Condom
AFI Film Festival: "Night Of The White Pants"
AFI Film Festival: "Who Loves The Sun"
AFI Film Festival: "America The Beautiful"
AFI Film Festival: "Ten Items Or Less"
AFI Film Festival: "The Ten"
Preview: "Maxed Out"
Corporate Reputation Rankings
"Real Toy Story" - Eric Clark
Bratz Dolls


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