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Monday, March 05, 2007

Show 50 This And That Podcast

Show 50 This And That Podcast

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It's the 50th show! It took about two years to get here but it's been two fun years. Lots of things have happened since our last show so this show is a bit bulky. But you will be informed and just maybe learn something that you didn't know before!
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Show Notes:

We're 50!
The Scrubs Musical
Going Over Some Feedback
Being Geographically Undesirable
Jeff's Observations
     *Door Holding Manner
     *Gazing Old Folks
Gretchen's Observations About Dallas
Good BBQ
Online Dating Liers
New Technology!
     *New Drug Delivery System
     *Spray On Condoms
Disney Princess Weddings
Health News Debunks Conventional Wisdom:
     *Multiple Vitamins
     *Egg Yolks (maybe)
Apophis Is Coming April 24, 2036
"Secrets Of A Hollywood Super Madam"
Funny Spam Subject Lines
Matching Rich Men / Hot Women
Going Vegetarian
18,000 Children Die Per Day
Jeff's Health Tip
Delta Zeta Controversy
Personal Debt Around The World
What Did Peru Do?
Alli Is Here! With Oily Discharge!
Newberry Medal Controversy


  • At March 06, 2007 , Anonymous Edward said...

    Hi Jeff,
    Congrats on the 50th show! I've been listening since 12 or something. I sent you an email a few weeks ago about the 50th show. Did you get?

  • At March 06, 2007 , Blogger Jeff said...

    Thanks Ed! We did get the email and thanks so much for it (and for listening)...



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