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Monday, April 16, 2007

Show 52 This And That Podcast

Show 52 This And That Podcast

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Show 52 finds Jeff and Gretchen getting into discussions about turtles, Jesus, 7-11, cupcakes, Jane Austen, and lots of other funny stuff. Strap in and buckle up!

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Show Notes:

Don Imus Helping Bush
Show 52 Significance
7-11 Goes All Kwik-E-Mart!
Lobster and Caviar Deviled Eggs
Cosmetic Surgery Trends For Men
The Plight Of The Texas Turtles
USA Today Top Memorable Quotes In Past 25 Years
Sprinkles!! Cupcakes!!
USA Today Best Books In Past 25 Years
Making Over Jane Austen
Global Warming Update: North America In A Few Years...
"Live Earth" Concerts
Jesus and Judas In The News
Another Scandal, Another Apology: Paul Wolfowitz
Alberto Gonzales In Front Of Congress This Week
We Have To Say SOMETHING About Don Imus Again
Some Fun Things From Jeff


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