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Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Show 47 This And That Podcast

Show 47 This And That Podcast

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Well - it's another long show. I expected a shorter show but we had a lot to talk about before the year ends. We do some 2006 wrapups, talk about some of the latest news events, talk modern christmas classics, fatheads, new iPod inventions, web changes, a couple of new movies and much much more.

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Show Notes:

Shout Outs! (thanks)
A Funny Thing Happened On The Way To The Podcast...
Toys R Us Elmo Update
Fatheads: Are You Fan Enough?
Honor Roll Controversy
Useless iPod Gifts
Jeff's iPod Inventions
Modern Christmas Song Classics?
In The News
     * Saving Dolphins In China
     * Trouble On Mount Hood
     * James Kim Update
     * Wake Up Walmart! WJSAW?
Web Site Changes
     * Listen In "Real" (Streaming) Time
     * Get Emails
     * New Logo!
Rocky Is Back!
Coming To Theaters "The Painted Veil"
10 Most and Least Respected Jobs
The Big Stories Of 2006
Time's Man Of The Year
     * Digg
People Who Mattered In 2006
Gadgets That Save You Money

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