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Sunday, September 24, 2006

Show 44 This And That Podcast

Show 44 This And That Podcast

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Hey guys. We're back. Jeff's iPod goes kaput in today's show. Gretchen gets back from two weeks in China and Hong Kong and Jeff gets back his second trip to Los Angeles in a month and they are both ready to podcast! Topics in today's show range from various Los Angeles and China topics to Bugs and Kitson t-shirt and from Elmo to various opinions of some of the current headlines.

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Show Notes:

I Feel Handsome!
Missing LA
Gretchen's Trip To China
Unveiled: Elmo's Back!
Kids Left In The Car
The Tallest People
The Most Dangerous Cities In America
Most Employed (And Underemployed) Cities
US Weekly vs. Kitson
China Travelers
Playing The "Magic iPod"
Dallas News In Hong Kong
State Of The World Food Supply
The History Of Eating Bugs
Disneyland Hong Kong
Some Weird Stuff
     * Diving Pigeons
     * Panda Stories
Age Discrimination


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