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Monday, September 04, 2006

Show 43 This And That Podcast

Show 43 This And That Podcast

60 minutes | 54.9 MB

Happy Labor Day Weekend everyone! We start the show off by giving some background on Labor Day and Jeff comes up with some alternatives. Then Gretchen and Jeff have their first fight over racial profiling at the airport. Other topics include a continuation of the Dunkin' Donuts theme from last week, Tom and Jerry, rents around the country, obesity demographics and studies and Jeff's super easy tip on how to avoid obesity, Pluto, Katherine Harris' idiocy, the most powerful women in the world, american household debt, vocation vacations, the top party schools, changes in college degrees through the years, removal of the dash (in our feed name), and few shoutouts to our listeners.

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Show Notes:

Hong Kong And Chinese Factories
Labor Day
Labor Day Weekend (link to mp3)
Racial Profiling At Airports
     * Fly With Me Podcast
Tall People Are Smarter
Dunkin' Donutes New Advertising Campaign
     * "America Runs On Dunkin'" (Thanks CB)
Gretchen's Absurdities: Tom And Jerry Stop Smoking
Rents Around The Country
Obesity In The News Again
Jeff's Tip On How To Avoid It
For Pluto: Size Doesn't Matter Except For Uranus
Separation Of Church And State Is A Lie
Gretchen Carries Around The Constitution
Most Powerful Women In The World
American Household Debt
Vocation Vacations
The Top Party Schools
Changes In College Degrees Through The Years
Removal Of The Dash (Feed Name)
Thanks To Our Listeners For Feedback:
     * Kevin
     * CB
     * Tom
     * Anonymous Poster
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  • At September 08, 2006 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

    How do you sample 183,000 slightly-heavy people and get a result of "twenty to forty percent more likely"? How can you have that margin of error with that sample size?

    Any experienced surgeon will tell you that old people with a few extra pounds recover from surgery or illness much better and faster than those at their "proper" weight.

    The life-expectancy in this country is continues to rise at a unprecedented rates. Whatever the "boomers" are doing, it's making them live longer.


    In 2003, Your Health reported that a McDonald's Chicken Salad had 660 calories, which is definitely crazy for a salad.

    However, diet "authority" Lynn Grieger clearly and explicitly reports that the salad dressing packets contain 150 to 250 calories. She also reports that "many salads already have around 400 calories without any dressing".

    In summary, fast-food salad dressings represent between 27% and 38% of the calorie content of fast-food salads.

    Gretchen is grossly and empirically wrong to label such dressings as the primary source of calories in fast-food salads. Her source of expertise? "I eat them every day!" The new photo clearly demonstrates that Gretchen is not having any problems with her weight.

    There is no crime in being wrong about something, It happens to everyone. Mocking those who are numerically, provably correct, however, is offensive and definitely reduces the appeal of the podcast.

    This podcast was way better than the last one, by the way.

  • At September 18, 2006 , Anonymous Juan Valdez said...

    I have just one thing to say to anonymous.

    There are a lot of decaffeinated brands on the market that have all the flavor of the real thing. Consider switching.

  • At September 20, 2006 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

    I couldn't make it through the "director's cut" of your commercials with that donkey, Juan. I mean, was that really necessary? I hope you got royalties for Clerks II.

    For the Love of Humanity (consider switching),


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