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Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Show 42 This And That Podcast

Show 42 This And That Podcast

44 minutes | 40.7 MB

Gretchen and Jeff talk a lot about fat, disasters, bubonic plague, rape, memory loss, and drowning kids. Wow - what were we thinking? Then the kids pull things out at halftime and brighten things up by talking about the happiest countries, the best jobs and five fun things!

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Show Notes:

T-Shirt Fashions
The Skinny On Fat:
     * A Little Bit Of Fat
     * The Expansion Of Dunkin' Donuts
     * Legislation On Fat Zoning
Disaster Non-Preparation
Bubonic Plague Mystery
The Alleged Rape In Iraq
Memory Loss And Stress
Queen Of Drowning
The Happiest Countries
The Best Jobs
Five Fun Things


  • At August 27, 2006 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

    I'm live-blogging the podcast!

    1. The T-shirt thing was pathetic. T-shirts with writing or graphics have been around since at least the 1960s. Gretchen makes it sound like this is some sort of breaking fashion trend, but no one over the age of 14 is fooled.

    2a. The "simple experiment" was a joke. Absolutely no numbers on anything, no details of methodology, nothing. It sounds like pure voodoo, not pure science.

    2c. The "horror" of fast food rings false for 90 percent of America. People just don't care about McDonald's. Gretchen expounding against the calorie content of *salad dressing* is too funny.

    3. Gretchen is wrecking this show. She translates 5.2 out of 10 into "no confidence". What the heck?! The larger issue that this country has survived SO MUCH and thrived in the last 200+ years without "communications interoperability" is completely lost in this "panic de jour" detour.

    4. Bubonic plague item was interesting but Gretchen spoils it with her outrage against Chinese *dog killing*. She makes no mention of the Chinese human killing.

    5. Gretchen saves the day! The rape story *may* be true but really, how likely is it? Not very freaking likely. Then she returns to misery with "democracy is not taking hold in Iraq", revealing that she has no concept of what democracy is. Violence in Iraq is a big problem. Democracy is not.

    6. Memory segment is a harmless chance to get a snack from the fridge.

    7. Yates was not insane. She hid her actions afterwards and understood what she was doing at the time. Jeff's definition of insanity "I killed my kids" is pathetic and ridiculous - evil and insanity are not the same thing.

    8. I've been to Denmark, if you believe this UK egghead, you are a sucker. Danes are some of the most somber, morose, unhappy people on earth. Their suicide rate is through the roof. They never smile. Laughable. Gretchen gets to the heart of the matter with the universal health care - undoubtedly the UK egghead was advancing that agenda.

    9. Jeff would be an awesome college professor. "Psychologist" cracked me up! It's the most common degree in the US and employment in the area is like 20% of applicants. Hilarious.

    10. "King of Spades" - at least she apologized. Makes me want to go back and apply the hypocrisy meter to "last week's" Mel Gibson commentary.

  • At August 29, 2006 , Anonymous tom said...

    I came out here to post a nice message about enjoying the show. And say that I agree completely with Jeff's comment on software jobs going overseas. But alas, I saw the previous post.

    A few responses to that post, rather than the show that I enjoyed.

    2c. So fast food salad dressing isn't high in calories? Perhaps you should read a label next time you're at Wendy's. Or maybe I missed what was *too funny*.

    3. Anonymous posters are wrecking this blog. ;-) Holy crap, batman! Could we have some more hyperbole? Stop listening to the show if you really feel that way.

    4. And she made no mention of sweatshops making graphic t-shirts, or animal slaughter for fast food, or American human killing, or Katrina, or the sodomites in hollywood, or how we faked the moon landing. Damn it, she is spoiling the show for everyone! Are you all blind? ;-)

    7. How much time did you spend with Yates? I assume you met with her repeatedly for your diagnosis. Right after you helped Bill Frist diagnose Terry Schiavo via video tape.

    8. Oh, well, you've been there. So I'll have to defer to your obvious expertise on all things Danish. Nice to see you're not generalizing...

    Perhaps you could pontificate a little more "Anonymous". I must say it is very brave of you to do so anonymously.

  • At August 29, 2006 , Blogger Jeff said...

    Tom, Thanks for coming to our defense.

    Anonymous, I enjoyed your "blog-by-blow" analysis actually. I can't say I quite understand all of the comments, but we appreciate them anyways.


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