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Monday, September 05, 2005

No Show This Week

Hi all,

Pat and I couldn't quite get it together this week so we're taking the Labor Day Weekend off. I guess 28 weeks in a row without a break was pretty good, eh? Stay tuned as we will be back for more next week!

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  • At September 06, 2005 , Anonymous d-Unit said...


    Miss you, love you!

  • At September 06, 2005 , Blogger bpende said...

    Bummer. Guys, enjoy your vacation... I'll just sit here by my computer...



    No... No... you guys enjoy your time off...

    I'll just wait here.

    < /end sarcasm >

    Love you guys, and you know that. Enjoy your time off. Get all well and rested, and come back all prepped for yet another great show.

  • At September 08, 2005 , Anonymous shelly said...

    so i get on the treadmill this morning and start up my ipod all ready for some new jeff & pat...whhhaaaa? it was last week's show, what the hell was going on? did i not sync my ipod right? no..there was no show :(
    i was forced to abandon my fitness regime, raid the fridge and gorge myself on junk. to top it off i watched back to back episodes of the maury show while shoveling the food in my pie hole.

    looking forward to your next show. i know ferg is, he hates lazy fat chicks! i hope you have enjoyed your time off.


  • At September 09, 2005 , Blogger Pat said...

    Hi Folks, sorry that we didn't do a show. You know, I begged Jeff to do one, and he had all kinds of excuses. He's just not as into our show as I am, sigh!

    See you on Sunday folks! : )

  • At September 09, 2005 , Blogger Jeff said...

    Ha! Blaming it all on me? I'm the one that says "The Show Must Go On" despite your protests!

  • At September 11, 2005 , Blogger Owner said...

    Hey, don't get caught up in this "blame game". ;)

  • At September 14, 2005 , Blogger bpende said...

    Jeff Jeff Bo Beeff Banana Fanna Fo Feff Me Mi Mo Mo Meff... Whoooooaaaaa Jefffff

    Wait... that's the name game.


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