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Sunday, June 26, 2005

06/25/05 This And That Podcast

06/25/05 Podcast (Show Number 19)

44 minutes | 26.3 MB

Hard Hitting News with Jeff and Pat. We talk a lot of movie stuff in this show, some politics including a new Bush 'rap', updates on the CPB and flag burning, and introduction of a new weekly segment - musical genres. You'll never watch Gone With The Wind quite the same way. Learn, laugh and love with Jeff and Pat!

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Show Notes:

The Hard News With Jeff And Pat
Summer Heat
My Summer Of Love
Rotten Tomatoes
Betsy Is Back
Bush Rap "Every Single Day"
     * Every Single Day (1:08) Hi Res Version
Batman, Mr. And Mrs. Smith And The Movie Marketplace
Orgy At The Podcaster Convention
     * Air Ferg
Update On Corporation For Public Broadcasting
Big Media Letdown
Burning The Flag Redux
Genre Of The Week: CowPunk
     * Dave's Lounge
AFI Top Movie Quotes
Gone With The Wind's Other Meaning
11 Steps To A Better Brain
Pat's 7-11 Update
Dallas Minute
     * Viva Mexico
     * Angelika Film Center

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  • At June 27, 2005 , Blogger Allan said...

    I want a This and That mug!!

  • At June 27, 2005 , Anonymous Karl Rove said...

    I don't take kindly to anyone poking fun at the best President in the history of this country. You're putting us all at risk with behavior like that. Next thing you know, you'll be burning the flag at one of your pot parties.

    The FCC will be revoking your podcasting license by the end of the week.

    And I'll have Governor Perry deport your commie/liberal butts right out of the Texas and back to Massachusetts where you belong.

    I'm very disappointed in you two. I can't believe I thought Shelly was the only communist in the podcasting community. I stand corrected.

    Tom Delay will be having the FAA track your every move. So don't try to slip back into another Red state anytime soon.

    Peace out,

  • At June 27, 2005 , Anonymous JohnB said...

    So how about a flag in which
    all of the stars were replaced
    by Patriotic Doughnuts (sorry donuts)
    and you could burn it whenever
    you liked.

    There's an irony there because
    a Patriotic Doughnut would never
    burn the flag!

  • At June 27, 2005 , Anonymous Neil said...

    Jeff & Pat - looks like you've made some powerful enemies in the White House. I'd offer some shelter, but NE is one of the biggest red states out there; you wouldn't make it past the border the way "Turd Blossom" Rove is talking.

    BTW - there's nothing I like better than biting media commentary. Take that, CNN! Nice work!

    On a totally different subject, I'm a little concerned about this "podcaster orgy" business. Myself and my fellow Borderliners are pure as the driven snow and I'm afraid we might be taken in by the strange rituals of you city folk ;)

  • At June 27, 2005 , Blogger Ferg said...

    Great stuff guys. The Bush song was hilarious - and I'm not quite the Bush hater you two appear to be...I'm also down with anything making light of the cinematic atrocity that is "Gone with the Wind".

    Pat - I'm glad you pointed out to Jeff that he was pronouncing "genre" like "johnner" or something like that. Jeff, take heart, having your own unique pronunciation of 1 word will not earn you the "speech impediment" label that I so shamefully bear.

    Neil - I'm certain that Jeff and Pat are referring to an "Orgy of Intellect"...a meeting of the minds...a thinktank, so to speak. Although, if that is the case, I'm not quite certain why the astroglide Pat is suggesting is necessary.

  • At June 28, 2005 , Anonymous your sister said...

    Pat, call your mom!

  • At June 28, 2005 , Blogger Pat said...

    Hey Sister, what am I supposed to call my mom?

    Ferg, uh, right, no Astroglide? If this is all about intellect, I hope you will be providing the Provigil, pal.

    Neil, pure as the driven snow? I'm not believing that one!

    Karl, the mafia is going to "Make you and offer you can't refuse".

  • At June 28, 2005 , Blogger Jeff said...

    geez guys - great material - you all should do podcasts.. oh wait, most of you do!

    Ferg, I meant 'think tank' when I said orgy. I am always thinking of think tanks. Lots of heavy thinking.

    Karl Rove (Tom) and Neil - I didn't really intend our little podcast to get so political! Although listening to this week's show, I sort of caught that theme. Pat - stop being so political!

    Pat, call you mom!

  • At June 29, 2005 , Blogger bpende said...

    Hey guys. That's a great mash-up Shrub put together for you there. Maybe he should quit his day job... Do you mind if I use that for a ringtone?

    Pat, I think you may have to call your mom and deny that you've slept with more people than Jeff... or any people for that matter. My guess would be that she may still have that white dress hiding out somewhere, hoping beyond hope.

    Thanks for keeping up with the CPB story. I think the politicization is definitely a problem, but I think Jeff's point about how the argument happened is even better. I know that I pulled out the Cookie Monster card in my discussions, because I was trying to create a sound-bite for my discussions with people. I didn't think that people were ready to hear the arguments about journalistic integrity, rural access to information or reduced infotainment market dynamic stressors. Before my coffee in the morning, I'm not ready for those arguments.

    Congrats on using dichotomy in your PodCast. I can now justify listening to anybody who asks... "Orgies, douching, murder and anti-Shrub propaganda?! How can you listen to them..."

    "Well, they did properly use the word dichotomy..."

    "Oh... OK"

    All right, that wasn't as potent as I hoped.


  • At June 29, 2005 , Anonymous Karl Rove said...

    Jeff, I didn't think it was too political. Don't shy away from a modicum of political humor or discussion. If you do, "the terrorists win".

    Pat, I just realized you may have connections in "the old country". So if you purchase a patriotic donut at 7-11, I'm willing say bygones. Don't cross me again though, or I may start referring to you as "that podcast gal".

    Note to self: ask the word nerds if bygones with the 's' on the end is actually a word. It was a staple on Ally McBeal, but who knows...

  • At June 29, 2005 , Anonymous JohnB said...

    I've noticed PodcastAlley and have both been either
    down for maintenance or very very
    slow to respond over the last day or so.
    I assume its down to the increase
    in interest in podcasting that the
    recent iTunes upgrade has brought.
    Knowing that the This and That Podcast
    was somewhere up there in the ratings
    I wonder what effect iTunes may have
    on its download numbers.
    I hope you're not billed by bandwidth.

  • At June 29, 2005 , Blogger Jeff said...

    bpende, I've been waiting 19 shows to use the word dichotomy.... next thing you know I'll be talking about scisms...and I will NOT let those terrorists win! lol

    mmmmmmmmmmmm, patriotic dougnuts.. I must be hungry

    John, I haven't experienced much of a bump in traffic from what I can tell - that does not surprise me as I can't envision a scenario where a random iTunes person would stumble upon our podcast. On the other hand, many or our subscribers (about 11% and growing) are moving to iTunes as their iPod reader.

  • At June 29, 2005 , Anonymous hot danni said...

    I can't believe a woman in Lincoln found a Mary-imaged corn flake and I didn't hear about it! In other news, I lost my keys. Is that newsworthy? Looks like the networks are not following TIPPO guidelines.

    Hey guys! Great show, as always. I don't know what Nee Nee's talking about, but I'm up for a podcaster orgy, CA style, anytime. :P Also, I will be sending you some photographic evidence incriminating Big Bird in the tragedy that is Dannielle. I've actually met person, or, person to bird, or however that works. I personally like PBS, because it carries the Red Green show.

    Also, I have had personal, family experience with Provigil, and it is a good drug. It is given to cancer patients during chemo to help them with fatigue and concentration. I don't believe it specifically treats depression or anxiety, but helps a patient counter the side-effects of anti-depressant/anti-anxiety drugs (fatigue, lack of attention, awareness, etc), especially people treated with high doses for disorders such as OCD.

  • At June 30, 2005 , Blogger Pat said...

    Hey bpende, I forgot to mention but I did send an email to my two senators about the CPB thing - and it was all due to your exhortations, how about that?!

    Carl, call me gal at your own peril. I'm after you and your little dog Toto!

    Jeffie, you can't even spell schism, and you can't say vay-cay-shun. You say vuh-cay-shun, do you have a speech impediment?

  • At June 30, 2005 , Blogger bpende said...

    Jeff has a speech impediment? Did Ferg send over some speech-impeding juice?

    Pat, thanks for doing the emailing. Apparently, over a million people's anti-termination emails got dropped on the steps of Congress. Now, the hope is that the stations start pushing back on the CPB and continue to request funding for real journalism... gotta send an email to all my PBS/NPR stations now.

    I certainly hope that you guys do see a bump in your listeners because of iTunes, especially once I start wearing my Jawbone art This n That shirt... which should show up today or tomorrow. I make a pretty big billboard, about 20 stone in a 5'8" frame makes for an American sized ad. I'm trying to become a smaller billboard, so I'll wear the shirt a lot while I make for a big visual. Eventually, the graphic may be a little scrunched, as the shirt starts to pleat around my ever-decreasing frame... hopefully.

    Ohhh... before I sign off. On the Media - a NPR show - just did a funny skit about a new merged media of NBC and CNN called WWWA... or Where the White Women At? It's a station devoted to actively finding all the lost white women, talking about why white women get lost, having panels of men talking about great white women who've been lost in the past. Oh yeah, and they'll talk about lost white boy scouts.

  • At June 30, 2005 , Blogger Pat said...

    Yoo hoo bpende, I sent you an email a few days ago and you never wrote back, what's with that?

  • At July 02, 2005 , Anonymous hot danni said...

    I just bought a gold and yellow This and That ringer tee. Passed on Pat's Classic Thong, but I've got a feeling I'll be back...

  • At July 02, 2005 , Blogger Jeff said...

    Cool. I just got a black/white ringer T (that I wore to a movie with Pat and Susan) that looks pretty cool!

    I'm really happy with the mug too.

  • At July 06, 2005 , Blogger bpende said...

    Pat... sorry Pat... bows humbly before Pat...

    I figured I should make my mea culpa public, just so everybody doesn't think I'm a total schmuck.


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