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Sunday, August 14, 2005

08/13/05 This And That Podcast

08/13/05 Podcast (Show Number 26)

52 minutes | 33.2 MB

The debut of a new song "Doggie Balls" in honor of Shotgun's impending surgery. We also debut a new audio column from Dave at Random Digressions. This week Jeff and Pat talk movies, TV, bad dates, prostitution, science, among other things. A genre of the week from Jeff (Space Age Pop) and a 7-11 update from Pat.

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Show Notes:

"Doggie Balls"
     * "Doggie Balls" hi fi version
Jeff's New Pool
Young Is Old?
Dallas Podcasters Happy Hour
Broken Flowers
About Schmidt
Pat's Productive Saturday Night
Remote Jeff and Pat: India Palace
Adding Value
Prostitution In Germany
     * Looking For Partners In The Atoms
     * The Point System
     * Jeff's Worst Date Ever
Genre Of The Week: Space Age Rock
Pat's 7-11 Update
The McDonals Diet
Dave's Audio Column
     * Random Digressions
Two New TV Shows
     * How To Be A Hilton
     * Over There
Dallas Minute
     * Paciugo Gelato
Thanks And Acknowledgements

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  • At August 15, 2005 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

    Ok Im going for India Food this week. Great cast as usual.

  • At August 15, 2005 , Blogger Ferg said...

    Great show! I'm finally caught up.

    1. Chicken Tiki Masala at $45 each? I can get great Chicken Tiki Masala on a buffet (with 40 other items) for like $5.99.

    2. Kingfisher beer - awesome. A few years ago, I read (and loved) "A Son of the Circus" by John Irving, which is set in India. He made Kingfisher sound SO good, I immediately went out for Indian and Kingfisher beer. I've loved it since.

    3. Congratulations, Jeff, you've moved from pronouncing "genre" as "jonner" to "jon-rah", finish the's more like "zhon-rah" the g in "genre" is pronounced like the zs in "Zsa Zsa", dig?

    4. A big fat thumbs up for singing about balls.

  • At August 15, 2005 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

    Welcome back, Ferg!

    Shotgun had his little operation today and he's doing quite well. You can hardly tell he lost anything!

    And today he lifted his leg to wizz on a tree for the very first time!


  • At August 16, 2005 , Anonymous Erik Dahl said...

    My wife and I used to live in Portland, ME and also found that there weren't any good indian restaurants in Portland. There is quite a bit of pub food, but not good Indian, and definitely no Korean...

    good show guys.

  • At August 16, 2005 , Anonymous Neil said...

    Awesome show guys. The Indian restaurant bit made me hungry for Chicken Tikka Korma. And some naan. mmmm.....

  • At August 18, 2005 , Blogger bpende said...

    The doggie ball song rocks... any chance I could use that in my PodCast?

    Middle-aged person movie... too old for Jeff? Didn't he just finish bitchin' about how as he nears middle age, he wants a pool? Jeff, Pat, you guys are definitely young souls. You're not allowed to get old.

    Here in NJ, we've got good Indian restaurants all over the place. They're almost all buffet, very few menu-driven places. I must break a trend for me, and agree with Ferg. 45 bucks for a meal per person? Did you get a happy ending with that? Most of the buffets here are about 9 to 10 bucks... apparently Ferg lives in Indian Vegas. 5.99 for an all-you-can-eat buffet? Note for the editor: I think Pat did a great job doing the editing there... apparently, she's been working with George the tech.

    You know, hearing all these dating stories has made me soooooo happy that I'm already married. I'm not trying to upset Pat with this, nor am I trying to do an unnecessary victory dance... I'm just happy that I'm hitched. The more I hear stories like yours, and the stories my bro-in-law tells, the more I realize that you could not pay ME to be single again. My wife and I decided that whoever dies first has to leave enough insurance money to cover hiring legal German sex workers for meeting our needs.

    Re Diets: I remember hearing that the tabloids in NC used to sit around the local bar and come up with all kinds of diets. They would just take the 2000 daily calorie intake, and come up with whatever crap they wanted. The Beer diet, The candy bar diet... etc.

  • At August 19, 2005 , Blogger Owner said...

    You couldn't pay Brad to be single again? Are you sure you are American? And married? ;-) Everyone has their price. Am I wrong?

    If I were given enough money so I could do whatever I want and never have to work again, I would be setting up my bachelor pad in Fiji right now. With glee...

    On some nights, when the kids are being royal pains, a couple hookers and bottle of limoncello would be my price...

    Don't get me wrong, being married is fine. But I was okay with being single too. I certainly had more freedom in those days. If I were still single, I wouldn't be working a crap job in Dallas right now. *Everything* in life is a trade off.

    God, that was cheery. ;-) Sorry.

    A big part of why I like This and That so much, is J & P are single and fun. And they get to do things. Interesting things. Things I used to do in another life. And with their show, I feel like I'm still part of that world.

    Looking forward to the next show, Jeff and Pat! You've got at least one listener that still digs your show as much as I did the first time I heard it.

  • At August 19, 2005 , Blogger bpende said...

    Alright... maybe I do have a price. I guess I should clarify that my reluctance in being single is more of a reluctance to be dating. I heartily agree with Tom that there are days, when the kids are acting up, I've got to mow the #*#&$ lawn again, and the people in the office are on my butt that a nice, remote island sounds totally sweet.

    Then there are the days when my kids give me a hug, and say they love me... and I realize that island is only a stress-related getaway fantasy.

    And, Jeff and Pat, you guys are so much more than the dating stories. You've got a great sense of humour, and you guys are neat... neat, what am I 7?... I'm looking forward to meeting up at P&PME so you can rip me a new one about how undatable I am anyway - should I become single.

    Keep up the astounding work...

  • At August 19, 2005 , Blogger Jeff said...

    You guys make me so jealous with the Indian food. We ARE with out a doubt at a disadvantage here in Dallas for ethnic food. I can vouch for the 5.99 buffets in California. I found a place in San Jose last time I was there and it was astoundingly good food. Tiki Masala and all. I'm so jealous. We also only have passable (and usually Americanized) Chinese, Thai and Korean food as well.

    Ferg - glad it wasn't just me that found the Kingfisher amazing. I went back to India Palace this week and had Tiki Masala and a Kingfisher.

    Brad - I would be honored if you used "Doggie Balls" in your podcast. Too cool!

    Eric - I'm sure Wei-Hsing feels that pain of Portland ME. I guess every region has their great food and Maine's got their lobster and seafood.

    I'm thinking that Pat and I should tell some GOOD dating stories next, start making you guys jealous... hehehe

  • At August 21, 2005 , Blogger SueT said...

    I vote YES for the house with the pool. I'd even contribute $20 (for unlimited access - of course):)



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