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Wednesday, November 30, 2005

The Best Of Jeff And Pat - Volume 2 / 3

The Best Of Jeff And Pat - Volume 2 / 3
Christmas 2005

36 minutes | 33.2 MB

Here is Part 2 (of 3) of the Best of This And That (w/ Jeff and Pat). If you enjoy the show, you will love revisiting the magic. If you are new to the show, this is a great way to get up to speed on what made This And That one of the most successful of the early amateur podcasts.

Thanks to everyone for your kind thoughts, support and even podcasting 'love' over the year!!

Enjoy and stay tuned for volume 3!

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Show Notes:

Hard Hitting News
Bush Rap
Dreams By The Lake
Viva Mexico
Nowhere Man
Unreleased Material: Blank Podcast
More Bloopers

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