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Thursday, September 15, 2005

Show 29 This And That Podcast

Show 29 This And That Podcast
(week of September 12, 2005)

54 minutes | 34.3 MB

Well, it's been 2 1/2 weeks since we have podcasted. Sorry for the delay! The good news that we didn't forget how to do it. Lots of stuff to talk about including what has been happening in the last 2 weeks, tango dancing, libraries, sex in the 20s, 30s and 40s, Katrina, September, and of course Pat's 7-11 update and the Dallas Minute.

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Show Notes:

New Schedule
What's Been Happening?
Tango Dancing
US Open Memories
Break-Up Timing
Two Types Of Libraries
Sex In The 20's, 30's, and 40's
Beginning Of The Month (to us)
Get Well, Derek from Skepticality
Katrina Winners And Losers
Losing Pat's Dog
Dave's Column - Eating
     * Random Digressions
Celebrating September
Loving Tom T
Pat's 7-11 Update
Jeff Hates Gum
Dallas Minute
     * Nick and Sam's
     * Teppo
     * Dallas Public Library

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  • At September 16, 2005 , Blogger bpende said...

    Jeff's seeing one of his listeners!!! OMG... Wait, that's not illegal. She just can't vote for the PodCast... or something. I'll not begrudge you your Sundays.

    My wife wants me to take ballroom dancing lessons with her. I may have to break down and do this... you know, 'cause I love her and want to make her happy. Now that our oldest child, Rachel, is old enough to watch her two younger brothers, we may actually be able to get out and do some stuff.

    Being a man in my 30s, I have to say that I enjoy having sex with a woman in her 30s... my wife, that is. Maybe next time Jeff could cover what the heck women are thinking about the sex in those same time periods. Good grief, that'd be useful.

    I'm pretty sure there's no way that Travolta and Oprah would get appointed to FEMA. Even though they may have no organizational experience, they showed up... Rule Number One: nobody gets appointed to a position if they can respond better than the boss man.

    I'm glad you got your doggy back... It's a shame that the other dog had also been lost. Makes you wonder how many pets they keep in some kind of "luggage" holding area?

    I was thinking about Chicken Slurry and started down the path of Chicken Curry... Slurry... Furry... McFlurry... and when combined with mushroom month, the whole thing starts to make sense... 'shrooms and language fluctuation.

    Glad to have you guys back... I mean not that you were totally gone, but you were off the ether.

  • At September 16, 2005 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

    Hi Brad, we're glad to be back! I'll get the article this weekend for jeff and let him do the honors of expressing his opinion.

    I think you got it right about FEMA - Shotgun would do a better job than "Brownie" could. I think they have one or two other bozos in charge who's main experience is supporting Bush. Hmmmmm.

    I'm glad we're back and thanks for listening!


  • At September 16, 2005 , Blogger Jeff said...


    I think you'll find dancing fun. Look at it as another activity that you and the wife can do together. If more people danced, and less people killed, just think about what a truly distrubed place we would live in. Can you say "West Side Story"? lol

    For our absence we now have to get in the studio again on Sunday morning. Ah well, I'm ready (I think)....

  • At September 16, 2005 , Anonymous Asif Alibhai said...

    Hey Guys,

    I look forward to todays show! It's been hard without a show for two and half weeks; and I'm sure it won't disappoint!

    Keep up teh good work!

  • At September 16, 2005 , Blogger Jeff said...

    Thanks Asif!

    Hopefully you will not be dissapointed...

  • At September 17, 2005 , Blogger Pat said...

    Hey Asif, thanks for listening. Hmmm, after you say something and people say "Asif!", do you ever have to wonder are they saying "As If!" instead of your name?

    Sorry..... I'm sure you've heard that one a million times.

    Jeff and I have sayings and jokes between us that we've used for probably 10 year now, and we still giggle over them as if (get it?) it were the first time. With your name, I just couldn't resist the chuckle.

    In fact Jeff always says to me, "did you think the show was good". I say "well, I liked it". He says "well, my parts were good at least". And then we both laugh.

  • At September 19, 2005 , Blogger Patrick said...

    Typical story, Jeff. You get a new woman and your work here suffers. For shame!

    She won't be happy until you quit the show and it's "This, Not That Without Jeff, Just Pat".

  • At September 19, 2005 , Blogger Jeff said...

    lol Patrick. The show will not suffer. The "new woman" will simply not allow it. She loves the show too much! She did tell me that we couldn't do our podcasts naked anymore. Pat's reportedly pretty happy about that development....

  • At September 19, 2005 , Blogger Pat said...

    See, Jeff, I told you people would notice the show degradation!

    The no more podcasting naked, well, really, if you've seen Jeff, it's a blessing for him to have clothes on. I still will be naked because it's fun!

  • At September 19, 2005 , Blogger The Jastrom said...

    Hi guys I found your Podcast on the Dallas Podcast Meetup group website and I am quite enjoying your show. I've just finished my 3rd ever episode of 'Nowhere In Mulberry' and I hope we're getting better with each episode. Of course when I listen to your show I feel inadequate cause it's sound fantastic!

    Oh and Pat i'm in my 30's. Hehe

  • At September 19, 2005 , Anonymous Shelly said...


  • At September 20, 2005 , Blogger Allan said...

    Isn't Jeff's new romance a Dallas Podcasters Happy Hour hook up? I was there, I saw it... have fun you two... and Pat... ;)

  • At September 21, 2005 , Blogger Jeff said...

    The Jastrom, Thanks! I'll give your podcast a listen. Are you in Dallas? Pat? hint hint.... lol

    Alan, Well I wouldn't call it a 'hook up'. That means something to the kids these days that it never meant for us! lol But yes - you are correct. It WAS a great happy hour!

  • At September 21, 2005 , Blogger Ferg said...

    Great show, guys. Good to have you back. I hope you're refreshed and ready to approach the show with a new resolve.

    I love the 7-eleven stuff, but desire something more indepth. I think Pat should hit on the 7-eleven clerk and record his response.

  • At September 21, 2005 , Blogger Owner said...

    No sex between 2 people in their 40's? Note to self: get busy before the mrs crosses that mendoza line. Thank goodness we're safe for a few more years. ;-)

    Great show guys. It carried me right out of Texas on my road trip last weekend. You seemed rested and ready to rock. I laughed so many times. It was like having a couple friends in the car with me. Thanks so much.

    I agree with Ferg on the 7-eleven stuff. I even love that theme song. Sad to say, I sang along with it in the car.

    I hope you have a great birthday this Friday, Pat. We libras know when to be born!

  • At September 22, 2005 , Blogger bpende said...

    Don't we all sing along... "7-11, thank heaven, 7-11, thank heaven, it's time for Pat's 7-11 Updaaaaaaaaate."

    Now, that'll be stuck in my head all day.

  • At September 22, 2005 , Blogger Jeff said...

    Ha ha, I'm glad you guys enjoy the song. See, my theory is if I play it enough, someone will like it if only that it sticks in your head...

    It's up to Pat on where we take the 7-11 bit but I suspect if we do the 'hit on' thing she may have to do it in an unknown 7-11. And that might feel like cheating!

  • At September 23, 2005 , Blogger Ferg said...

    It may feel like cheating, Jeff, but that will make it all the more of a thrill, will it not?

  • At September 24, 2005 , Blogger Pat said...

    Hmmmm, cheating? A thrill? Hmmmm...hmmmmm...yea.....I'm warming up to the idea.....I could even employ a mathematical technique to ensure I got the most handsome 7-11 clerk without visiting them all in town.....hmmmm. Ferg, you have all the best ideas! Maybe I'll stalk Jastrom instead?

    Tom, there's sex in the 40s, but Jeff's not getting any action. It's in the 50s where it all stops. So, make it happen, man.

    I'm taking up knitting, by the way.

  • At September 25, 2005 , Blogger The Jastrom said...

    alright my very own stalker!


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