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Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Show 71 This And That Podcast

Show 71 This And That Podcast

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The post-election show! It's been too long since we did the last show as Gretchen points out. We try to round out some of the increasingly bad news of the economy with good news interspersed. Topics include the new President, some health news, the automotive industry bailout, election fallout, and much more!

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Show Notes:

We Had An Election!
Encouraging Sex
Prop 8 Aftermath
TV and Happiness
Prince Charles Turns 60
Possible Break In AIDS Research
Retail Sales Woes
Guns and Paranoia
More Research On Vitamins
Space Station Extreme Makeover
Odd Drinking Water
Jeff Updates: Car and Job
Obama's Weekly YouTube Address
A Little Bit More About Your President-Elect
Michelle's Dress
The Potential Auto Bailout
T. Bone Pickens And Energy Plans
The Debt


  • At November 26, 2008 , Anonymous Harry said...

    Your podcast is fantastic!
    I'm sure that you have a bigger (and more appreciative) audience than you think, we all just never get around to saying we're out here.
    Please make them more frequently!

    P.S When I tried getting to your site via google it brings up a "Reported Attack Site" URL

  • At November 27, 2008 , Blogger Jeff said...


    Thanks so much! Comments like this make it all worthwhile!

    You know - I also have that problem every once in awhile (not consistent) with the site. There is nothing unusual about our website that I can think of - but I will continue to monitor it. Thanks a bunch for your reporting the problem and your positive comments!

    Happy Thanksgiving.



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