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Friday, March 14, 2008

Show 63 This And That Podcast

Show 63 This And That Podcast

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Not much production on this show. Every time I use the software that I use now - Logic Express - it acts differently. I just haven't had the time (and won't) for awhile to really learn it very well I guess. I thought it would be a productivity enhancer and it's turning out to be the exact opposite. And I suppose the infrequency of these podcasts make it so that I forget any little tricks that I learned last time. Summertime should allow me some time to really learn this software (have other things going on that require my focus) so until then there probably won't be much of anything on these podcasts except for the talk. Which, hopefully, is all you really care about anyway!

Show Notes:

State Of The Podcast
Eliot Spitzer Churn
Obama - Clinton
Texas Politics
The Time Change
Recap Of The Last Two Months
Men In Kilts
Chinese Olympics
Why Americans Are Having Less Sex
STD's In Young America
The Happiest Countries
Cost Of The war
Grammy Recap
Airline Woes - AA and SW
Twenty Unhealthiest Restaurant Foods
Changing Our Religion
Boing Loses A Large Contract
What To Do During March Madness


  • At April 01, 2008 , Anonymous Jessica Scott said...

    I am a huge fan of your podcasts. I love the banter between you and Carol. You guys cover everything from the mundane and trivial to real issues affecting our lives. Keep up the great work!


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